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Graduate Faculty List & Forms

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Graduate Faculty

Current Graduate Faculty List

Graduate Faculty List


  • Only current graduate faculty appointments are visible on the Graduate Faculty list.
  • Appointments scheduled to start on future dates will become visible on the first day of the appointment.
  • Expired appointments are not visible.

Graduate Faculty Privileges

M0, M1, M2, M3, and SM are used to describe the level of privileges extended to members of the graduate faculty in accordance with the appointment criteria established by the faculty of each department or academic unit.

M0May teach graduate-level classes
M1All the privileges of M0 and may serve on and/or chair master's degree committees
M2All the privileges of M1 and may serve on doctoral committees
M3All the privileges of M2 and may chair doctoral committees
SMSpecial Membership status. May be granted the privilege to teach graduate-level classes, to serve on graduate examination committees, or to serve on thesis or dissertation committees, at the discretion of the academic department and subject to the approval of the graduate dean. May not chair graduate committees or serve as the outside member of dissertation committees.

Graduate Faculty Charter and Forms

Completed graduate faculty forms, updates to department criteria, and any questions regarding graduate faculty appointments should be directed to the attention of Stephanie Powers in the Graduate College.

All forms on this page are PDFs. 

For faculty with tenured, tenure-track, or ranked renewable term appointments, use:

For all others, use:

Current Graduate Faculty Criteria