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Paige's Graduation Story

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Paige’s Graduation Story

May 2018

Paige Colston
Paige Colston, 2018 OU graduate

How do you thank those who have helped make the best four years of your life possible? That question was on the mind of University of Oklahoma senior Paige Colston when she looked back on the remarkable impact that donors made on her life at OU.

As a scholarship recipient, Paige Colston knew firsthand the impact of the generosity of OU’s alumni and friends.

“I’ve gotten the most out of my education because I (was) a scholarship recipient,” Paige said.

She graduated in May 2018 with degrees in Political Science and Italian and then began work as deputy finance director for a U.S. congressional campaign.

Scholarships helped bring more than educational opportunity to Paige — they also provided financial peace of mind for her family in a time when students are responsible for an increasingly greater share of the cost of a college degree. 

In Fiscal Year 2017, two out of three OU students received some form of financial assistance — and it wouldn't have been possible without the commitment of the university’s loyal donors.

“What they do is more important now than ever,” Paige said. “What most strikes me when I think about the donors who so graciously (gave) to support my education is simple: They’ve never met me. The people who (funded) my scholarships made an investment in me as a person, and I am motivated every day to work diligently so that I can one day make the same investment in a young person.”



What is Paige’s proudest OU moment?

“... When I was awarded the Cortez A.M. Ewing Public Service Fellowship. I had always dreamed about moving to D.C. for a summer to intern, but I never thought I would be able to afford it. I worked for the International Women’s Forum. Being able to represent OU at a global organization was incredible. All of that was made possible by a scholarship!”

Her favorite moment?

“...(Former President Boren) spoke about the importance of cultivating meaningful friendships and holding on to a sense of idealism throughout life. His words were so incredibly inspiring, and he delivered them so earnestly that I will never forget them. I know his words will stay with me as I begin to enter the adult world!”