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Entrance Testing

All undergraduate students are required to take the Language Skills Test (LST) prior to being officially admitted into the Gaylord College.


The Language Skills Test is the entrance examination to the Gaylord College. The LST must be completed prior to enrollment in JMC 2033 (Writing for Mass Media), a course that is required of all journalism and mass communication majors. 

  • The LST is administered in the Student Services Center (2533 Gaylord Hall) Monday through Friday
    from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. No appointment is necessary.
  • The LST includes 80 questions on grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • The LST may be attempted three times. If a student fails the third time, the student will be required to enroll in JMC 0123 (Fundamentals of Writing for the Media), a course that will not apply toward the degree.

The college encourages students to thoroughly review their grammar, punctuation and spelling prior to taking the LST. Students are also encouraged to review a grammar and composition textbook (several are recommended in the study guide).

An online study guide is available hereā€¦

The AIT covers information from the Students' Guide to Academic Integrity as found on the OU Academic Integrity website. The AIT consists of 25 questions that are taken directly from information in the Students' Guide to Academic Integrity.

Transfer students who have already completed the equivalent of JMC 2033 must pass both tests before permission will be given to enroll in any upper division (3000+) journalism course.

Some students may need to take placement tests to determine qualifications for math and foreign language proficiencies to meet the minimum requirements of the university.

Math & English Placement

The University College Assessment Center provides assessment and testing services for new and transfer students to give them the best possible chance of success in attaining their academic goals. All new students at the University of Oklahoma will be assessed in three areas: reading, English, and mathematics.

Assessment Center
Wagner Hall, Room 270

Learn more about the placement tests at the Assessment Center.



Foreign Language Placement

The Language Placement exam is mandatory for those students with two (or more) years of high school French, German, or Spanish language study or the equivalent within the past five years. Students who have had one year or less of a foreign language in high school may be given permission slips to enter beginning French, Spanish or German 1115 by the academic adviser.

Language Course Placement Center

228 Kaufman Hall

325-2425 or 325-6181

Learn more about the foreign language placement tests at the Modern Languages Learning Center.