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BME Supplemental Information

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BME Supplemental Information

Please keep the following in mind as you enroll:

  • If you receive an enrollment error or ‘override needed’ message, please copy and paste the message into an email to your advisor. Remember to include your student ID number.
  • As courses begin to fill up, the College of Education will keep a waiting list in the Advising Office so departments know if additional seats or a new section will be needed to accommodate all students who must have the course. For this reason, it is important that you contact us to get on the waitlist even if you have a hold that will not permit you to enroll. Please used the waitlist form below.

If you would like to be placed on a waitlist for an Education class, follow these steps:

  1. Open the attached form – if you’re using your iPad, you’ll want to open it via the Notability app.
  2. Fill it out completely – incomplete requests will not be processed.
  3. Send it back to us at
  4. Expect to get a confirmation that you have been placed on the waitlist within two business days.
  5. If you are granted permission to enroll in the class, you will be notified by your advisor via your OU email account .

Please contact hte advising office if you have any questions. Contacting the instructor or your advisor directly will not aid in your endeavor. While it is important to get your name on a waiting list as soon as possible, be aware that available seats are prioritized by closeness to program completion, not according to classification or placement on the waiting list.

For all remaining music education students, you must now align artifacts to the InTASC Competencies adopted by the College of Education (the old Oklahoma Competencies A–Q are obsolete). You only need to make this change in taskstream once. Afterward, the new InTASC Competencies will remain as your default. Here’s a quick “how-to” for aligning your artifacts once you have them uploaded in the “Artifacts” tab:

  1. Click on “Competency Contents” under the Artifacts tab.
  2. In the selection box, click on “Manage Attachments.”
  3. To the far right of each artifact, there is a box marked “Standards.” Choose one and click on it.
  4. Under “Browse by Name” there should be drop-down selection box. Click on it and scroll until you find “USA-InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards (2014). ”Click it, then click “Go."
  5. This should take you to a page that lists the 10 InTASC standards. Choose the one(s) that aligns with your current artifact.
  6. Click “Save and Select from a Different Set”
  7. Click “Return to.” This should take you back to your list of artifacts.
Now, when you go to align all remaining artifacts, the “USA- InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards (2014)” will be saved as the default. Just click “Standards” to the right of the artifact, then the “Go” button to take you to the standard selection screen (step 5 above). Repeat 6 & 7 to select and save.
BIOL 1003 Contemporary Issues in Biology
BIOL 1005 Concepts in Biology (w/lab)
BIOL 1013 Intro. to Biology
BIOL 1114/1121 Intro. Zoology & Lab
BIOL 1124 Intro Biology: Molecules, Cells & Physiology (w/lab)
BIOL 1134 Evolution, Ecology and Diversity (w/lab)
BIOL 1203 Age of Dinosaurs (must enroll under BIOL not GEOL)
BIOL 2103 Everyday Evolution
BIOL/PBIO 2040 Ecology & Environmental Quality (w/lab)
BIOL 3463 Water & Ecol Sustainability
HES 1823 Scientific Principles of Health & Disease
HES 2823 Intro. Nutrition
MBIO 2815* Intro. to Microbiology (w/lab)
MBIO 3463* Geomicrobiology
MBIO/PBIO 4873* Microbial Phys & Meloc Bio Lab
PBIO 1114 General Botany (w/lab)

* Please note that these microbiology courses have significant prerequisites.

All of the other science course offerings on the approved General Education lists are physical science courses.