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Fine Arts Faculty Advisors

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Students who have earned grades in less than 24 credit hours

must be advised in University College.  If the student is a member of the OU Scholars Program, they  must be advised by the OU Scholars office.  Schedule an advising appointment online at


University College                               

Wagner Hall, Rm 100                                            



OU Scholars Program

Cate 1, Rm 125



College of Fine Arts Faculty Advisors

Most Schools assign students to a specific faculty advisor. Please check with your School office for your advisor assignment.

FJC 202325-2691



Art History

           Assistant Prof. Robert Bailey, Ph.D.robertbailey@ou.eduFJC 412

Prof. Rozmeri Basic, Ph.D.

rozmeri@ou.eduFJC 413

Assistant Prof. Alison Fields, Ph.D.

afields@ou.eduFJC 411

Associate Prof. Kenneth Haltman, Ph.D.

haltman@ou.eduFJC 408

Associate Prof. Allison Palmer, Ph.D.

apalmer@ou.eduFJC 219
           Presidential Professor Jackson Rushing, Ph.D.jackson_rushing@ou.eduFJC 223

Prof. Victor Youritzin

vky@ou.eduFJC 217

Art Core


Prof. Bob Dohrmann

bobd@ou.eduFJC 312


          Art, Technology, and Culture (Media)   
         Assistant Prof. Cathleen Faubert (media)faubert@ou.eduFJC 414

Assistant Prof. Pete Froslie (media)

froslie@ou.eduFJC 409

Assistant Prof. Bernard Roddy (film/video)

broddy@ou.eduFJC 310

Prof. Todd Stewart (photo)

stewart@ou.eduFJC 202

Studio Art


Prof. V'Lou Oliveira (ceramics)

dogwrangler@ou.eduCSKF 105
           Assistant Prof. Stuart Asprey (ceramics)stuart@ou.eduCSKF 105
           Assistant Prof. Jason Cytacki (painting)jason.cytacki@ou.eduFJC 307

Associate Prof. Curtis Jones (printmaking)

chivo@ou.eduFJC 309

Assistant Prof. Marwin Begaye (printmaking)

marwin@ou.eduFJC 407

Associate Prof. Jonathan Hils (sculpture/contem)

hils@ou.eduFJC 114

Assistant Prof. Sohail Shehada (sculpture/fig)

sohail@ou.eduOFC B6

Visual Communications


Prof. Eric Anderson

eric@ou.eduFJC 103B
          Assistant Prof. Tom Davietomdavie@ou.eduFJC 220

Prof. Karen Hayes-Thumann

kmthumann@ou.eduFJC 410
RPAC 1000325-4051

Ballet Performance & Ballet Pedagogy


Prof. Mary Margaret Holt - Director, School of Dance

marymholt@ou.eduRPAC 1000

Instructor Rebecca Herrin

rherrin@ou.eduRPAC 1019
          Assistant Prof. Ilya KozadayevIlya.Kozadayev-1@ou.eduRPAC 1006

Associate Prof. Jeremy Lindberg

jlindberg@ou.eduRPAC 1016

Associate Prof. Clara Cravey Stanley

clara@ou.eduRPAC 1004



Modern Dance Performance


Associate Prof. Austin Hartel

ahartel@ou.eduRPAC 1008

Associate Prof. Derrick Minter

dkminter@ou.eduRPAC 1020
OSH 121325-4021

Acting Emphasis


Prof. Rena Cook

renacook@ou.eduFAC 203

Associate Prof. Matthew Ellis

mellis@ou.eduFAC 322B
          Assistant Prof. Alissa Mortimeralissamortimer@ou.eduFAC 204

Professor Judith Pender, Ph.D

jmpender@ou.eduFAC 205

Associate Prof. Susan Shaughnessy

sshaughnessy@ou.eduFAC 322E

Design Emphasis


Associate Prof. Jon Young (Scenic)

jon.young-1@ou.eduFAC 322A
          Assistant Prof. Lloyd Cracknell (Costume)lloydcracknell@ou.eduFAC 320
            Assistant Prof. Richard Sprecker (Lighting)rlsprecker@ou.eduFAC 322C

Dramaturgy Emphasis


Associate Prof. Kae Koger, Ph.D.

akoger@ou.eduOSH 100

Scene Technology Emphasis


Associate Prof. Jon Young

jon.young-1@ou.eduFAC 322A

Stage Management Emphasis


Associate Prof. Christopher Sadler

csadler@ou.eduFAC 206
CMC 138325-2081


          Bachelor of Arts
          Associate Prof. Jennifer Saltzstein, Ph.D.
jennifersaltzstein@ou.eduCMC 130

Bachelor of Music


Prof. Marvin Lamb, Ph.D. (Composition)

mllamb@ou.eduCMC 127E
           Prof. Eldon Matlick, Ph.D. (Brass/Percussion)ematlick@ou.eduCMC 215

Associate Prof. John Schwandt, Ph.D. (Organ)

jschwandt@ou.eduCMC 227

Associate Prof. Jeongwon Ham, Ph.D. (Piano)

jeonham@ou.eduCH 301
          Prof. Barbara Fast, Ph.D. (Piano Pedagogy)bfast@ou.eduCMC 017

Associate Prof. Hal Grossman (Strings)

hgrossman@ou.eduCMC 244D

Assistant Prof. Liz Avery, Ph.D. (Voice)

elizabeth.avery@ou.eduCH 306

Assistant Prof. Dan Schwartz, Ph.D. (Woodwinds)

dan.schwartz@ou.eduCMC 214

Bachelor of Musical Arts


Associate Prof. Sarah Ellis, Ph.D.

sjr@ou.eduCMC 230

Associate Prof. Zoe Sherinian, Ph.D.

zsherinian@ou.eduCMC 026

Bachelor of Music Education (Instrumental)


Associate Prof. Charlene Dell, Ph.D.

cdell@ou.eduCMC 029
           Assistant Prof. Chris Baumgartner, Ph.D.cbaumgartner@ou.eduCMC 027
          Instructor Glen Buecker
gbuecker@ou.eduCMC 138B

Bachelor of Music Education (Vocal)


Assistant Prof. Casey Gerber, Ph.D.

casey.gerber@ou.eduCMC  031


          Music Minor  
         Assistant Prof. David Howard, Ph.D.
dhoward@ou.eduCMC 127H


CH 104


          Prof. Paul Christman, Directorpc@ou.eduCH 104

Assistant Prof. Shawn Churchman

shawnchurchman@ou.eduCH 208

Prof. Lyn Cramer

lyncramer@ou.eduCH 202

Associate Prof. Vince Leseney

vleseney@ou.eduCH 200
           Associate Prof. Harold Mortimerhrmortimer@ou.eduCH 201
           Assistant Prof. Gwen Walkergwen@ou.eduCH 200A