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Based on campus feedback, Financial Services is in the process of making changes to Concur so that the system is more streamlined and user-friendly. Several major updates will be rolled out in phases over the upcoming months and the first change will happen at noon on Friday, August 30th.


We will break the request to travel integration in Concur that requires users to select how they will be booking their travel during the request process AND remove the system restriction that a traveler must have a fully approved request before booking travel with OU’s contracted travel management company.

  • Travelers should still obtain the necessary higher authority approval for all out of state and international trips - but that approval in Concur will not be required to book a flight either online through Concur or by calling Corporate Travel Planners.
  • This change will also ease the dollar limit restrictions on flights so that reasonably priced flights are not deemed as out of compliance and basic economy bookings are optional.
  • For simple flight arrangements (direct flights with no stops), an express checkout option will also be available that reduces the number of screens required to complete a booking from five to two.

The attached Quick Guide contains detailed instructions for online booking with the system improvements.


If you currently have a request for upcoming travel that is pending supervisor approval or waiting to be booked on-line in Concur, please ensure that these tasks have been completed by noon on Friday, August 30. Any requests for travel dates in the future that are not fully approved and booked though Concur by the deadline will be returned to the traveler for resubmission through the new process.

The first phase of changes will only impact the Request and Travel modules of Concur. No action is necessary for Expense reports currently pending approval.

We appreciate your cooperation with this task and hope that this change, as well as other planned changes in the future, will reduce the time required to complete travel and expense tasks while remaining in compliance with policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Concur, please email Thanks.

Karen Smith, CPA

Asst Vice President and Controller

Outage Information

For information on Concur outages, please visit

HB2704 amends the State travel reimbursement to 50 cents per mile starting 01/01/2019

Old Travel Card Charges by Department

To assist departments in monitoring travel card charges not yet submitted, we added a list of travel card charges over 90 days old that have not been submitted or that have been returned to the traveler. Please view the list of charges for your employees contained in the file linked below.

Training Guides

Concur Contact Information

  • Concur Processing Questions- Are you having issues with processing your requests and expense reports through Concur? Submit an email to
  • OU Travel Card - Do you need an OU Travel Card? Click on
  • OU Travel Card Questions - Do you have questions about the OU Travel Card? Contact the ProCard team at
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