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FIT Classes + Schedule

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Fitness and Recreation is proud to offer you a group exercise program that offers the latest and hottest fitness classes. These classes are for OU affiliates including OU students, faculty, and staff and are not open to the public. The schedule is jam packed with great group fitness classes that will fit any taste or fitness level. With over 60 classes offered per week, you will have no problem finding the perfect class for you! Choose from high-energy Zumba® classes to challenging and stress relieving Yoga and Pilates classes. Highly motivating instructors will make it easy to meet your exercise needs whether you are just starting out or a veteran exerciser. Come join a fun and fantastic workout that will keep you engaged and energized all semester!


OU Norman campus students must purchase a group fitness membership. FIT Pass memberships may be purchased during the FIT Pass Sale occuring at the beginning of each semester for the special rate of $49 for the semester. Memberships purchased after the FIT Pass sale are $59 for the semester and may be purchased at the SFC front desk. Tax is added to all rates.   

For all other membership types, group fitness is included for the purchase of your membership. 

FIT Class Descriptions

  • Bells and Balls (Limited to 30 spots)
    Utilizing Kettlebells, medicine balls and stability balls for total body strength
    Learn correct form and technique using the various types of equipment

  • Cardio Strength HIIT (Limited to 30 spots)
    Total body workout using various types of HIIT interval times with cardio and strength exercises
    Circuit format using a variety of equipment and body weight movements

  • Cycling (Limited to 20 spots)
    Improve cardiovascular endurance using stationary bikes
    Designed for all fitness levels

  • Shallow/Deep Water Aerobics
    A total body workout using gyros, dumbbells, noodles, and more in deep or shallow water for all fitness levels

  • F45
    Circuit style workout focusing on functional movement and a total body challenge
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday are Cardio HIIT and Tuesday, Thursday are Strength
    Each day is a new theme and new workout, same workout is offered the entire day with options for all

  • H2O Low
    A total body workout using various equipment in the water
    Lower intensity challenge great for all fitness level

  • Pilates (Limited to 50 spots)
    Focus on breath and movement
    Improves core strength, posture, balance, joint mobility, and stamina

  • Strength (Limited to 30 spots)
    Burn fat, build muscular strength and endurance
    Use TRX®, dumbbells, resistance bands, bars, balls, and kettlebell

  • Strength Circuit (Limited to 30 spots)
    Burn fat, build muscular strength and endurance in a circuit style class
    Use TRX®, dumbbells, resistance bands, bars, balls, kettlebells, battle ropes and more!

  • Yoga (Limited to 50 spots)
    Classical Yoga poses to develop physical health, strength, flexibility, balance, and state of mind
    Can accommodate beginners through advanced, as the instructor provides various levels for each exercise

  • Zumba® (Limited to 60 spots)
    A fusion of dance, hip hop, and hypnotic International rhythms

  • 15-15-15 (Limited to 30 spots)
    15 minutes each of HIIT cardio, strength, and stretching
    Uses equipment such as stability balls and bands in addition to body weight
  • Class Key
    (Light Bulb) Class uses lighting choreographed to the music to enhance the experience.  May not be suited for individuals with light sensitivity or seizure disorder.

    Class uses the Heart Zones System to track heart rate intensity to provide instant feedback and monitor progress over time.

    A limited number of devices are available for checkout at the equipment desk.

    An abbreviated version of the class of which it is named.

Please warm-up prior to attending any Xpress class.

FIT Class Schedule



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