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OU Fit+Rec Community Garden

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OU Fit+Rec Community Garden

To sign-up for garden orientation class, you will need to download the OU Fit+Rec App. Follow the steps below to get started. Search for OU Fit+Rec in either Apple AppStore or Google Play.

How to Download OU Fit+Rec App

  1. Download the App.
  2. Click “Create Account.” If you choose to register through Facebook, please login and allow access to your account.
  3. Fill in the remaining information for your account.
  4. Click “Sign-Up.” You will need to verify your account with an e-mail sent to you from IMLeagues and then your account will be active. You cannot do anything on the site without this verification.
  5. If you have a non email account, please email to ensure that you can access IMLeagues for class sign-up.

If you need additional help, please contact us at 405-325-3053,, or stop by the Sarkeys Fitness Center front desk.

How to Sign-Up For Orientation

  1. Open the OU Fit+Rec App.
  2. In the upper righthand conner, click on Fitness tab. This will take you to the Fitness area of the app.
  3. Once in the Fitness section, you will initially see the scheduled classes for the next 8 days. If you wish to search by class, click on classes tab and you will find each class.
  4. Pick a class by hitting the green "sign up" or "open" button to the right. Once you pick a class, you will confirm your registration of the class by clicking the "Join Session" button.
  5. When you register for the class, you will be next prompted with a waiver release form page. After clicking the waiver cofirmation, you will be redirected to a reminder page.
  6. You registration will be comfirmed with a reminder email.

What is the OU Fit+Rec Community Garden?

Girl Eating Watermelon

The OU Community Garden (map) is a gardening education program that offers participants an opportunity to learn where their food comes from and helps them to be better stewards of the environment by designing, cultivating, and harvesting the community garden. The program is designed to encourage participants to try new and healthier foods because they have the opportunity to eat the produce they grow as well as obtain exercise from tending to the garden.

The OU Fit+Rec Community Garden program aims to achieve these goals with participants:

  • Increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Teach work ethic, cooperative learning, and team building skills.
  • Develop gardening skills.
  • Increase their environmental awareness.

The Fitness and Recreation staff lead the program activities and worked directly with participants. Participants are able to taste fresh fruits and vegetables, develop an outdoor garden, and engage in numerous hands-on activities related to nutrition and plant science.

Over 40 volunteers from seven departments campus-wide participated in the first year of the OU Fit+Rec Community Garden program, in 2010. The resounding success served as a precursor for a great and healthy future of this program.

Amy M. Davenport, Ph.D.
Director, Fitness and Recreation

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