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Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

The Price College of Business offers four programs teaching students how to start, run, and grow an entrepreneurial venture. Students may choose to fully vest themselves in an entrepreneurship major and go through the process of starting and launching a business; or they may take the lean startup approach and add entrepreneurial knowhow to their tool kit with a minor. Whether you're looking to make a career as an entrepreneur or merely prepare yourself for the opportunity, you'll find the education and skills here.


Major in Entrepreneurship

At the Tom Love Center for Entrepreneurship, we’ve created an entrepreneurial ecosystem enabling students majoring in entrepreneurship to learn through experience and launch successful business ventures. Students are immersed in the entrepreneurial process through hands-on innovation programs and all-expense-paid visits to entrepreneurship hubs spanning the globe. Students learn how to build new ventures with the help of practicing entrepreneurs and leading entrepreneurship scholars.

ENT Major Degree Check Sheet

Minor in Entrepreneurship

From creative revolutionaries like Artrepreneurs to the focused genius of Tech Innovators, entrepreneurs come in all types and follow a variety of professional tracks. A minor in entrepreneurship will equip you with an agile and adaptable mindset applicable to the corporate or startup world. Learn to start a tech company while earning your degree in computer engineering or become a nurse while working on your own medical device company - gain skills and expertise in your major while we show you how to put it to work in a wealth generating venture.

ENT Minor Degree Check Sheet

MBA - Entrepreneurship Specialization

The Entrepreneurship Specialization prepares students to determine the feasibility of business ventures and to develop innovative ideas for commercialization. Graduates can pursue entrepreneurial opportunities in established organizations, pursue their own venture, or seek employment with service and capital providers.

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ENT Certificate Program

PhD in Entrepreneurship

The PhD in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship program at the Michael F. Price College of Business focuses on opportunity development, new venture development and organizational aspects of entrepreneurship. Students in the Entrepreneurship program are expected to develop competencies in nascent venture development, resource acquisition, micro entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and strategic entrepreneurship. In addition, all students receive rigorous training in basic and advanced statistics and research methodologies.

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ENT PhD Program Details