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How to Cancel Your Enrollment or Completely Withdraw from Enrollment

Many students become confused by the difference between “canceling” and “withdrawing” and how these affect tuition charges and grades. Cancellation is the term OU uses if a student drops all classes before classes begin. Canceling enrollment removes all tuition charges and all record of enrollment. No grades are recorded. Complete Withdrawal occurs if a student drops all classes after classes begin. If complete withdrawal occurs before the tuition obligation deadline, there are no tuition charges. If the student withdraws after the deadline, the student will be charged full tuition rates.*

*Federal regulations required the First Time Title IV Attendees (students receiving federally guaranteed financial aid for the first time at OU) will be charged on a different schedule if they withdraw from school after classes begin. Refund schedules for students in this category are available on request.

Cancel Your Enrollment

Undergraduate students may cancel enrollment by contacting Compass Network at or by calling (405) 325-8103, and graduate students may contact the Office of Enrollment Services by emailing or by calling (405) 325-3572. After classes have begun, students must withdraw from enrollment according to the following instructions.

Complete Withdrawal from Enrollment

A student who experiences an interruption due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances and chooses to leave the institution, must officially withdraw from the University of Oklahoma through the Complete Withdrawal Process.

Undergraduate Students
During the first three weeks of classes (Fall/Spring), undergraduate students requesting a Complete Withdrawal from the University should contact the Compass Network at or (405) 325-8103 to be processed through the University’s Retention Action Team.

Beginning the fourth week, undergraduate students requesting a Complete Withdrawal must complete an online Petition for Complete Withdrawal which will be sent to the Academic Advising lead of the college in which the student is enrolled for consideration. The College Academic Advising Lead will contact the student directly to discuss the implications and feasibility of withdrawing, as well as any alternative academic options that may exist. Documentation of extreme extenuating circumstances will be required. If possible, students are expected to continue attending classes until such time the Petition for Complete Withdrawal is approved. Once the petition has been approved for a complete withdrawal for the semester, students will receive the grade of “W” for all courses.

Graduate Students
Graduate students withdrawing from the University should contact the Office of Enrollment Services during the first two weeks of classes (Fall/Spring), and the Graduate College Office beginning the third week of classes. Graduate students withdrawing from all courses in the first six weeks of classes (first three weeks of a summer session) receive the grade of W in each course of enrollment. Beginning with the seventh week (fourth week of a summer session) through the last day of classes of the semester or summer term, these students must receive a grade of W or F from the instructor in each course upon withdrawal.

Withdrawn students are refunded fees and tuition according to State Regents’ refund policy.

A student will be held responsible for the cost of room and board if either or both are furnished by the University.

Undergraduate 5-W Limit

A student is allowed only five grades of W throughout the course of his/her undergraduate career at The University of Oklahoma. Once a student reaches this maximum number of W grades, he/she will not be allowed to drop any courses after the free add and drop period. After the five-drop limit has been reached, students with extreme, extenuating circumstances may apply for an exception to the limit on W grades through the Academic Advising Resource Center. Complete withdrawals do not count in this limit.