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Blended Teaching and Learning

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Blended Teaching and Learning

This 4-week program incorporates the best online and face-to-face teaching strategies to maximize the learning potential in your classroom. Using this program as an example, we will model blended teaching in Canvas and in face-to-face meetings.

Week 1 – Essentials of Blended Learning Classrooms
This week will answer your fundamental questions. What is blended learning? Why choose a blended learning model? What is the difference between a blended classroom and a flipped classroom? What are the major pedagogical strategies to use in a blended classroom?
Week 2 – Learning Activities and Assessments for Blended Classrooms
This week will help you identify and use learning activities and assessments for a blended classroom. We will discuss strategies and critique sample blended courses that can help you get started in experimenting with a blended classroom and redesigning your course later on.
Week 3 – Tools and Pedagogy for a Blended Classroom
This week digs into understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both online and face-to-face teaching formats. We will discuss how to leverage each mode to engage students in your class and have breakout groups for high-tech and low-tech blended teaching strategies.
Week 4 – Blended Practicum: Weaving it All Together
This week is all about how to decide if a blended course is right for you and, if so, how to design your blended course. This includes: writing a syllabus, writing your learning goals, and creating blended learning lessons through demonstrations and examples.

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