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There are specific requirements that must be completed before a student has access to make a New Sooner Enrollment Program appointment and enroll for their first semester at OU. 

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After you have reviewed the information on this website and completed the requirements, you will be able to schedule your New Sooner Enrollment Program appointment.

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Get all the information you need for a successful Enrollment Day, including: schedules, checklists, and tips for meeting with your academic advisor. 

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New Sooner Enrollment Program

Welcome to the Sooner Family! New students participate in the New Sooner Enrollment Program. Students admitted for the Spring 2018 semester will attend the New Sooner Enrollment Program on one of the following dates: December 8, 11, 14, or 15. The New Sooner Enrollment Program is a half-day program to help new students build the foundation for their first year at OU. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend and will attend a Parent/Family session while students meet with their academic advisors and enroll in their first semester of classes. Together, families and students meet with a money coach to review the student's financial success plan.

Follow the steps below to prepare for and schedule your New Sooner Enrollment Program appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to the Sooner Family during the New Sooner Enrollment Program!

*Students admitted for the Fall 2018 semester will participate in the New Sooner Enrollment Program beginning in May of 2018. Please return to this site in January 2018 for more information about scheduling your New Sooner Enrollment Program appointment.

Specific requirements must be completed before making your New Sooner Enrollment appointment and enrolling for your first semester.

Make your New Sooner Enrollment Appointment! Some action is required prior to gaining access to make an enrollment appointment.

Prepare to make the most of the New Sooner Enrollment Program! View the schedule and learn more about program opportunities!

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First Year Learning Communities

New students have the opportunity to enroll in various first year experiences. First Year Learning Communities are valuable first year experience courses. Students taking FYLCs are enrolled in "Gateway to College Learning" (the hub course) and one or more common courses, such as: Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Journalism. This allows for greater integration of the common course material, natural study groups, and greater collaborative learning. Students in FYLCs report greater success in the common courses than those students enrolled in the same common courses who do not take an FYLC or other first year experience course. Find out more here.

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