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Wagner livingroom

About University College

University College includes Advising, the Assessment Center, the Center for Student Advancement, Freshman Programs, and the Student Learning Center to serve OU students. We're also the academic home of OU's ROTC. Founded in 1942, University College was one of the first academic units in the United States to focus on meeting the special needs of first year students. Since then, many colleges and universities have patterned their first year experience (FYE) programs on the University College model.

University College moved to the new Lissa and Cy Wagner Student Academic Services Center in Spring 2009. Wagner Hall also houses the Writing Center, the Graduation Office, Project Threshold, and study rooms and is at the center of a developing "student services district" in the middle of campus seeking to improve student success, retention, and graduation rates.

Two centrioles are located on the south wall of Wagner Hall. Centrioles are prominent features in animal cells as they shoot out microtubules all over the cell to move things about — sort of like the air traffic control centers of the cell.  Alan Morning, the Wagner Hall architect, and Dr. Douglas Gaffin, dean of University College at the time, chose this cross section of a centriole. The centriole also serves as a metaphor for University College — where UC’s staff and programs help guide students as they begin their OU careers.


Centriole on Wagner Hall

This centriole is located on the south side of Wagner Hall.

University College Departments

Advising Records Office

Advising Records Office

Wagner Hall 100: The Academic Records Office is committed to helping students succeed by supporting the advising process – ensuring that student records are current and complete.

A student being advised in Wagner Hall, August 2011Picture of advisor and link to Advising page


Wagner Hall 100: The University College Academic Advising office is committed to fostering a collaborative environment between advisor and student, promoting positive educational experiences and enabling responsible and successful student academic progress. Meet our advisors, book an appointment, and get more information about University College Advising. Contact us at 405.325.3521 or

Assessment Center tester

Asessment Center

Wagner Hall 270: The Assessment Center provides assessment of student knowledge, interests, and educational experiences. These include placement testing in Math, English, and Reading to seat them in appropriate courses. Contact us at 405.325.4336 or

major exploration logo with oklahoma

Center for Major and Career Exploration

Need help deciding on a major that fits your interests, skills and career goals? Using our interest assessment tests and expert knowledge of OU majors and careers, our Major Exploration Coaches will help you discover your options and decide on an academic major.

CSA logo

Center for Student Advancement

Wagner Hall 150: The Center for Student Advancement is committed to providing programs and services that promote the retention and success of students experiencing academic challenges. CSA offers advising and courses entitled Strategies for Success, Transitions, First Steps, and Faculty Mentoring. The Center is open for student walk-ins or appointments. For more information on the Center for Student Advancement, call 405.325.2574 or stop by.

Assessment Center tester

Freshman Programs

Wagner Hall 170: Freshman Programs assists students in making a successful transition from high school to university learning. Gateway to College Learning and University College Seminars are courses that help students develop the ability to engage in higher-level academic thinking, access resources available at a research university, cultivate vital life skills, and gain knowledge of the traditions and campus life culture at the University of Oklahoma. Contact us at, 405.325.3470, or stop by.

American FlagFlag image and link to ROTC page


Armory and Cate 4: What is ROTC? An education and training program at select universities throughout the United States to prepare qualified men and women for service as commissioned officers in the military. Students awarded ROTC scholarships often receive full tuition, books, fees and other financial benefits. This includes the Naval, Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force.  Click here for the ROTC homepage.

Organic tutoringpicture of peer tutoring and link to UC Action tutoring page

Student Learning Center

Wagner Hall 245 and Adams Center, Muldrow 105: The Student Learning Center's mission is to promote students' academic achievement, critical thinking skills, and positive study habits. The SLC does this through an academic assistance program called UC Action, a Student Success Series offering workshops and study consultations, technology resources, and study space. Contact us at 405.325.7621,, or stop by.

Fall/Spring Hours: The Student Learning Center @ Wagner Hall is open Sunday, 5pm to 12:00am, Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-12:00am and Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. The Housing Learning Center welcomes you Sunday-Thursday, 3:00pm-10:00pm and Friday 9:00am-3:00pm. During these hours, there are sporadic room reservations for UC Action sessions, Success Seminars, Writing consultations, and classes. Summer: Wagner Hall 245 is available on a limited basis Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.