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Our patients at OU Physicians-Tulsa are why we never stop learning. Our team of more than 300 doctors is dedicated to putting you and your family first, with the excellence you expect from a leading university clinic.

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Feb 9 & May 4 – Schusterman Clinic, 41st and Yale
March 22 & July 24 - OU Family Medicine, 11th and St. Louis
June 19 – Wayman Tisdale Clinic



Dr. LaMont Cavanagh Named New Family & Community Medicine Chair

General Pediatrics

LaMont Cavanagh, M.D.

LaMont Cavanagh, MD has been named Chair of the Department of Family & Community Medicine within the OU-TU School of Community Medicine and OU Physicians-Tulsa.  He is board-certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine and has garnered national attention as an expert in both fields. Read more about Dr. Cavanagh here