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Academic Programs Council

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Questions about any Processes, Forms, Program Tracking or Course Tracking?

Meetings and Members

Meetings 2017-18

September 1             Courses for Review (XLS)              Programs for Review (DOC)                                                 

October 6                  Courses for Review (XLS)              Programs for Review (DOC)                                                 

November 3              Courses for Review (XLS)              Programs for Review (DOC)                                                 

December 1              Courses for Review (XLS)              Programs for Review (DOC)                                                 

February 2                         

March 2                    

April 6                       

May 4                        

Membership Information

What is the APC?

The Academic Programs Council is charged to serve as an advisor to the President, Provost, and the Faculty Senate on matters concerned with the instructional programs and curricula of the University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus. Its mainresponsibility is the evaluation of existing or proposed programs with regard to their educational value.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Council shall include the following:

Formulate a statement of General Norman campus academic policy, which it can use as a guideline for making its recommendations. The statement should take into account both the desirability of academic programs in themselves and the impact they have on the rest of the Norman campus program. This statement should be reviewed and updated annually.

Recommend coordination of Norman campus programs to avoid duplication and make most efficient use of resources.

Recommend on proposals for changes in Norman campus programs.

The Council should develop policy guidelines and procedures for reviewing proposals for course adoptions, deletions, or changes which have already been approved at departmental level.

The Council should recommend on proposals for adoption or deletion of curricula and degrees.

Administrative Liaison
The Provost, Norman campus, or a representative responsible for academic policy, will be an ex-officio member of the council without vote.

The Registrar, Norman campus, will be an ex-officio member of the Council without vote and will provide staff support for the Council.

The Senior Vice Provost will be an ex-officio member of the Council without vote.

The Editor of Academic Bulletins will be an ex-officio member of the Council without vote.

Operating Procedures
The council shall formulate operating procedures, but they will include:

The election of a chair from among the faculty members of the Council.

Provision for subcommittees of the Council to which non-members of the Council may be appointed if appropriate.

Committee Membership
The Academic Programs Council shall consist of 17 members apportioned in the following manner:

Staff Services: Registrar, Norman campus: Ex-officio and nonvoting.

Vice Provost for Instructional Services: Ex-officio and nonvoting.

Editor of Academic Bulletins: Ex-officio and non-voting.

9 Faculty Members: The President appoints 3, faculty Senate appoints 6, for 3 year terms (1/3 to retire each year).

4 Students: The President appoints 2, UOSA appoints 2, for 2 year terms (1/2 to retire each year).

History of Committee
Charge approval by the President of the University of Oklahoma upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate and the University of Oklahoma Student Association, December 1972 and revised as of May 1974, September 21, 1976 and December 18, 1986. Restructured Spring 1991.