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Awards & Professorships


Visit our new Faculty Awards page for more information about awards and professorships. 


Regents' Award for Superior Teaching

The Regents' Award for Superior Teaching was established June 6, 1963 with the first awards presented in the spring of 1964. Originally, the award was given to three individuals each year. In 1965, the policy wasamended to provide a maximum of five and a minimum of three awards each year. In 1978, the awards were expanded to include superior accomplishment in any of the following: Teaching, Research and Creative Activity, Professional and University Service, with a miximum of nine awards in one year and with the understanding the majority of the awards will be given for superior teaching.

Provost's Outstanding Academic Advising Award

The Provost's Outstanding Academic Advising Award is designed to recognize and reward outstanding contributions made by University of Oklahoma professional and faculty academic advisers who have been determined to have demonstrated the qualities associated with outstanding academic of students. Two $1,500 award may be given annually to Norman Campus academic Advisers.

Provost’s Outstanding Academic Advising Administrator Award

The Provost’s Outstanding Academic Advising Administrator Award was established to recognize and reward Academic Advising Administrators who have demonstrated outstanding guidance and leadership in the management of advising centers within the academic advising community, as well as, in the academic advising of undergraduate and/or graduate students. Particular attention will be given to advising administrators who have been instrumental in collaborative efforts across the University that help students better negotiate the complexities of the entire University and achieve their degree goals. One $1500 award will be awarded.

Good Teaching Award

The Good Teaching Awards Program was introduced by the Standard Oil (Indiana) Foundation in 1966. The purpose of the program is to recognize excellence in teaching performance at the undergraduate level and to provide an incentive to achieve that goal. The University of Oklahoma has participated in the program since 1968. In 1973, the name of the foundation was changed to the AMOCO Foundation, Inc. and was changed to BP Amoco in the late 1990's. In 2003 the award was changed to the Good Teaching Award.

Henry Daniel Rinsland Memorial Award For Excellence in Educational Research

To be awarded the Henry Daniel Rinsland Memorial Award for Excellence in Educational Research, a faculty member must either play a central role in the accomplishment of an outstanding educational research project or demonstrate a distinguished record in educational research over time.

General Education Teaching Award

The General Education Teaching Award shall be given to the faculty member whose teaching is considered to have contributed most to the University-wide general education program. In addition to the quality of teaching, per se, other factors such as the faculty member's development of a new course or significant modification of an existing one to meet the criteria of the University-wide general education program may be considered.

Merrick Foundation Teaching Award

The Merrick Teaching Award shall be given to the faculty member who is considered most outstanding in bringing to students a better understanding and appreciation of the economic and political basis of American society. The citation given shall contain the following wording: "In recognition of outstanding achievement in bringing students a better understanding and appreciation of the American free enterprise system.”

Gateway to College Learning Outstanding Instructor Award

The Gateway to College Learning Award for Outstanding Teaching was established by the Office of Freshman Programs in University College in the summer of 1997 as an annual cash award of $500 presented to the Gateway instructor who best fulfills the award criteria. In addition, a permanent plaque in University College displays the winner's name and year of award.

Freshman Seminar Outstanding Instructor Award

The Freshman Seminar Outstanding Instructor Award may be presented annually to an exceptional instructor in UCOL 1022, Freshman Seminar. The award is based on student evaluations, departmental evaluations, unique teaching perspective, and challenging first-year subject matter. An instructor is eligible for the award only after teaching that particular seminar for at least two semesters, and the award may not be repeated for any one instructor within a five-year period.

President’s Distinguished Faculty Mentoring Program Outstanding Mentor Award

The President’s Distinguished Faculty Mentoring Program Outstanding Mentor recognizes outstanding faculty members for contributions to the students participating in the mentoring program and for promoting mentoring. The faculty are nominated by students who participated in the mentoring program. There is a monetary award that is given at the annual faculty awards ceremony.

OU Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award

The OU Foundation in Excellence Teaching Award was established in September 2006 with the first awards presented in the Spring of 2007. Nominees for this award should excel in all aspects of their instructional duties including receiving course evaluations from students that place them within the top 15% of their college’s instructors. Instructional faculty who are nominated for this award should inspire their students within the classroom, and mentor and advise students outside the classroom. They should exemplify to their students and to the University community at large the importance of a considered and reflective life of learning and teaching.

David Ross Boyd Professorship

The David Ross Boyd Professorship was approved by the Board of Regents on June 14, 1945 and is named for the first President of the University. The first appointments were effective June 14, 1946. To qualify for a David Ross Boyd Professorship a faculty member must have consistently demonstrated outstanding teaching, guidance, and leadership for students in an academic discipline or in an interdisciplinary program within the University. When the professorship was first established, the policy provided that only two could be named in one year and the terms were for five years, though the individuals could be reappointed. The appointments, now, are for life.

George Lynn Cross Research Professorship

The Regents Professorship was established on November 12, 1943 on action by the University Regents. The first four appointments were effective January 1, 1944. Upon his retirement from the University in 1968, the Regents named this professorship for George Lynn Cross. The criteria for selection provide: to qualify for a George Lynn Cross Research Professorship a faculty member must have demonstrated outstanding leadership over a period of years in his or her field of learning or creative activity and have been recognized by peers for distinguished contributions to knowledge or distinguished creative work. The appointment is for life. The appointment is for life.

David L. Boren Professorship

The David L. Boren Professorship is one of the University of Oklahoma’s highest honors, recognizing faculty who have truly exceptional contributions to the mission of a public research university. To qualify for the Professorship, a faculty member must have consistently demonstrated outstanding teaching, research and creative activity, and leadership or service. The holders of this distinctive honor should represent the best of the OU spirit as it has come to be under the remarkable leadership of President David L. Boren – caring for students, advancing the frontiers of knowledge, and making a positive difference in the world.

Presidential Professorships

Presidential Professors are those faculty members who excel in all their professional activities and who relate those activities to the students they teach and mentor. These professors inspire their students, mentor their undergraduate and/or graduate students in the process of research and creative activity within their discipline, and exemplify to their students (both past and present) and to their colleagues (both at OU and within their disciplines nationwide) the ideals of a scholar through their endeavors in teaching, research/creative activity, and service.

Regents' Professorships

Recipients of distinguished professorships are deemed to have achieved unusual distinction in teaching and guidance of students, research, or service. To qualify for a Regents' Professorship, a faculty member must have rendered outstanding service to the University, to the academic community, or to an academic or professional discipline, through extraordinary achievement in academic administration or professional service.