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Personal Enrichment and Lifelong Learning


Personal enrichment programs designed for learners of all ages eager to expand their experiences, enhance personal growth or to just try new things:



Aviation - Private Pilot Course
This course prepares students for the FAA Written and Practical Exam with 35 hours of ground school, 40 hours of flight instruction, and 22.5 hours of lab.

Aviation - Instrument Flying Course
Students learn how to fly an aircraft solely by reference to instruments. This course includes 39 hours of instrument flight instruction, 30 hours of ground instruction, and 22.5 hours of lab.

Civic Orchestra
Civic Orchestra is a performing group comprised of string, woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians from OU and the surrounding community. The Civic Orchestra provides advanced musicians the opportunity to perform high quality orchestral literature and is open to music and non-music majors.

Elderlearn Programs
Featuring OU faculty and knowledgeable community members, these day-long programs offer adult learners a glimpse into a specific topic, such as Calligraphy, Oklahoma Geology, or the Religions of the World. For adults 50+.

New Horizons Band
The New Horizons Band program is for beginning, intermediate, and advanced adult musicians who wish to learn, continue, or hone their musical skills – even if they can’t read music.

OU Book Club
Each month from October to May, the OU Book Club, for adults 50+, reads a new book and attends a new lecture and discussion from one of OU’s best professors.

Reading: Speed Reading and Study Strategies
This curriculum increases the reading effectiveness of students, allowing them to comprehend more in a shorter amount of time.

Reading: Summer Reading Skills for Children and Adults
This enjoyable activity with lifelong benefits includes eight different reading skills programs taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Summer programs are available in seven cities across Oklahoma.

Senior Seminars
Led by some of OU’s top professors, these four to six week noncredit courses are educational, fun, and inspiring. The meetings are a great way for adults (age 50+) to meet new people and learn something new, all without exams or papers.

Travel Study
The Travel Study program provides opportunities for students to study a variety of topics and to gain new perspectives about the world, immerse themselves in a particular subject of interest, and experience subjects in a way that cannot be attained in a traditional campus classroom environment.