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Credit Programs

Outreach has much to offer the adult wishing to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree program, the corporate executive seeking training for his or her employees, the government agency head needing a wide range of programs and services, or the community wanting technical assistance to be more competitive and economically viable.

Advanced Programs
Established in 1964 as part of the University's continuing education and public service commitment, Advanced Programs pioneered the intensive seminar teaching format specifically for the military/adult learner. Graduate courses offered through Advanced Programs lead to a fully accredited resident graduate degree designed to provide up-to-date midcareer training. Courses are delivered onsite at 25 military bases and other locations in the United States and Europe.

OU Aviation offers Bachelor of Science degrees in four concentrations: Air Traffic Control, Aviation Management, Non-Flying Aviation Management, and Professional Pilot. This program also provides certificate and noncredit flight training.

Civic Orchestra
Civic Orchestra is a performing group comprised of string, woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians from OU and the surrounding community. The Civic Orchestra provides advanced musicians the opportunity to perform high quality orchestral literature and is open to music and non-music majors.

Developmental Math
These courses provide basic and intermediate algebra in a two-semester sequence for returning students who need a math refresher before taking college-level math or traditional students lacking a strong foundation in high school mathematics.

Independent and Distance Learning
These distance learning courses are online and offer maximum flexibility, allowing students to enroll at any time during the year and advance at their own pace.

Outreach Intersession courses, held between regular OU semesters and the summer term, give students the opportunity to earn credits or to study in specialized courses not offered during the regular semesters — in May, August, and December. Graduate and undergraduate credit courses are offered throughout the academic year at the OU Health Sciences Center and on the Oklahoma City Community College campus.

Liberal Studies
The College of Liberal Studies provides the highest quality interdisciplinary education to nontraditional students through an array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Most degree options are fully online.

Sooner Jump Start
OU's Sooner Jump Start program is a one-academic-year study abroad program to prepare and equip Chinese high school graduates with knowledge and skills to lay a solid foundation for their future life in U.S. universities. Students who pass the completion requirements of this program can go on to undergraduate study at the University of Oklahoma or apply for other universities of their choice.