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Degree Program Contact Information

For questions about Outreach degree programs, please contact:

Advanced Programs Graduate Degrees

OU Norman Campus:
(405) 325-2250

AP North America
(405) 325-2250

AP Europe

If you are currently located outside one of OU's physical sites, please contact Abbey Nixon at or 405-325-0504 for more information.

Department of Aviation

General Inquiries:
(405) 325-7231

Academic Advisors:

Shelly Ainsworth
(405) 325-6033

Talisha Teague
(405) 325-1550

College of Liberal Studies

General Inquiries:
(405) 325-1061
(800) 522-4389

Student Advising & Support:

Future Students

For Questions or Other Inquiries:

University of Oklahoma Outreach

1700 Asp Avenue | Norman, Oklahoma 73072

General Information Desk:

(405) 325-4414 or 1-800-522-0772, ext. 4414
Email: Outreach / OCCE Information


Campus Directions / Map

a bare tree in winter, lamp post with OU pennat flag on OU campus

Public and Community Services

Belinda Biscoe, PhD
Interim Vice President for University Outreach
(405) 325-0473

Continuing Education Academic Programs

Martha Banz, PhD
Interim Dean, College of Liberal Studies
Associate Provost for Continuing Education
(405) 325-6984

Shad Satterthwaite, PhD
Interim Associate Vice President
College of Liberal Studies
(405) 325-1931

Chris Elliott
Interim Director
(405) 325-3488

Ashley Brand
(405) 325-9310

Myk Mahaffey
Marketing Coordinator
(405) 325-8476

Celia Perkins
Web Designer/Developer
(405) 325-1857

Kelli Smith
Graphic Designer
(405) 325-1419

Mary Wuestewald
Analytics Specialist
(405) 325-1983