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Degree Program Contact Information

For questions about Outreach degree programs, please contact:

Advanced Programs Graduate Degrees

OU Norman Campus:
(405) 325-2250

AP North America
(405) 325-2250

AP Europe

If you are currently located outside one of OU's physical sites, please contact Abbey Nixon at or 405-325-0504 for more information.

Department of Aviation

General Inquiries:
(405) 325-7231

Academic Advisors:

Shelly Ainsworth
(405) 325-6033

Talisha Teague
(405) 325-1550

College of Liberal Studies

General Inquiries:
(405) 325-1061
(800) 522-4389

Student Advising & Support:

Future Students

For Questions or Other Inquiries:

University of Oklahoma Outreach

1700 Asp Avenue | Norman, Oklahoma 73072

General Information Desk:

(405) 325-4414 or 1-800-522-0772, ext. 4414
Email: Outreach / OCCE Information


Campus Directions / Map

a bare tree in winter, lamp post with OU pennat flag on OU campus

Vice President's Office
James P. Pappas, PhD

Vice President, University Outreach
Dean of the College of Liberal Studies
(405) 325-6361

Public and Community Services
Belinda Biscoe, PhD
Associate Vice President for University Outreach
(405) 325-0473

Continuing Education Academic Programs
Shad Satterthwaite, PhD
Assistant Vice President for University Outreach
(405) 325-1931

Outreach Support Services
Executive Director of Operations for University Outreach
(405) 325-6494

Chris Elliott
Interim Director
(405) 325-3488

Ashley Brand
(405) 325-9310

Myk Mahaffey
Marketing Coordinator
(405) 325-8476

Celia Perkins
Web Designer/Developer
(405) 325-1857

Kelli Smith
Graphic Designer
(405) 325-1419

Mary Wuestewald
Analytics Specialist
(405) 325-1983