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Certificate and Noncredit Programs

OU Outreach offers a wide range of certificate and noncredit programs to help you advance your career or start a new one.

Advanced Placement - Summer Institute for Teachers
New and experienced AP and Pre-AP teachers gather at OU for a week exploring the latest methods and curriculum topics relating to AP course content, organization, and methodology.

OU Aviation offers certificate and noncredit flight training. The pilot course prepares students for the FAA Written and Practical Exam with 35 hours of ground school, 40 hours of flight instruction, and 22.5 hours of lab. Taking the instrument flying course, students learn how to fly an aircraft solely by reference to instruments. This course includes 39 hours of instrument flight instruction, 30 hours of ground instruction, and 22.5 hours of lab.

Blowout Prevention Course
Course provides a complete, practical, up-to-date blowout prevention program for all land and above sea applications, drawing on the latest methods for increasing operational efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Career Online High School
This career-credentialed certificate program is for in-demand careers, such as Early Childhood Education, Transportation Services, Criminal Justice, Office Management, and Homeland Security.

Career Training Programs
A career-focused, online course gives participants up-to-date information in a chosen area, as well as the skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions in many in-demand occupations. Program areas include healthcare and fitness, business, IT and software development, management, hospitality and service, skilled trades, and sustainable energy.

Chamber of Commerce Excellence – Training for Professionals
Program offers an affordable, quality professional development opportunity, providing an outstanding educational experience that is extremely helpful in today’s increasingly competitive and fast-moving marketplace. This training is designed for new chamber executives, staff members, and seasoned professionals.

Child and Youth Care Professional Certification
Offered by the National Resource Center for Youth Services, this certification improves the quality of residential group care for children and youth by educating workers in a consistent philosophy of child care and strengthening their skills and knowledge.

Civic Orchestra
Civic Orchestra is a performing group comprised of string, woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians from OU and the surrounding community. The Civic Orchestra provides advanced musicians the opportunity to perform high quality orchestral literature and is open to music and non-music majors.

Corrosion Control Course
Corrosion control personnel meet to receive fundamental training on current methods, instrumentation, and corrosion assessment and control. 

Diabetes Prevention
This annual conference brings together tribal members to focus on diabetes prevention through general sessions, workshops, and wellness activities.

Disability Education and Training Certifications
The National Center for Disability Education and Training designs and delivers cutting-edge training to staff of employment providers in competency-based course leading to certification. 

DRS - Department of Rehabilitation Services Employment Consultant Training
During this four-day training, job coaches who provide vocational services to clients with disabilities will learn specific skills needed to successfully assist people with disabilities find and keep employment.

Early Childhood Professional Development
The Center for Early Childhood Professional Development helps increase quality care for Oklahoma’s young children by providing training and continuing education opportunities for educators.

Economic Development Institute
OU/EDI provides professional economic developers with the up-to-date knowledge and tools required to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. This multi-year, professional-level program is the only one of its kind in the nation. Online courses are offered in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning and Business Retention and Expansion.

Effective Teaching and Learning Training (NRYS)
These courses train public and private providers of services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma.

Effective School Improvement
Center for Effective Schools assists in the implementation of the Effective Schools Model. This model enables schools/districts to operationalize all comprehensive reform/restructuring and improvement efforts around the interrelated Seven Correlates. This process keeps the focus learner centered while the organization experiences change and increase effectiveness.

E-Learn Professional Development
Participants have the opportunity to develop their workplace skills and increase their professional knowledge in an easy-to-use online format.

Engineering and Geosciences Courses
Annual conferences/workshops provide education in all aspects of technical research and development to engineers. OU works closely with industry experts, professional engineering groups, and government agencies to offer expertise on a wide range of engineering and geosciences topics. Annual conferences/courses include Blowout Prevention, Corrosion Control, Gas Conditioning, and Laurence Reid.

English as a Second Language
The Center for English as a Second Language offers an intensive English language program for all levels of English learners, to quickly lead international students to English language proficiency.

Executive Training and Team Development
Training programs build trust, confidence, and teamwork while producing better communication, improved productivity, and increased effectiveness to intact workgroups or people from the same company. These programs can range from three-hour sessions to multiple-day workshops.

Gas Compressor Short Course
While working in a lab setting, instructors will demonstrate current diagnostic methods and repair techniques on equipment. Each participant will have the opportunity to apply and practice the newly learned skills during the course. 

Instructional Coaching (CECPD)
Instructional coaches are onsite professional development providers who teach educators how to successfully implement effective, research-based teaching techniques and practices.

Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference
Since 1951, this conference has gained a worldwide reputation as the principal forum for new ideas, developments, and operations for the preparation and purification of natural gasses and other fuels for market. It is a crucial conference for all professionals involved in the gas processing, gas conditioning, and gas sweetening industries. 

Leadership Excellence, Center for
The Center for Leadership Excellence provides consultation, programs, and other services to help leaders develop skills and new approaches that improve performance so that both individual leaders and their organizations reach their goals.

Lean Institute / Six Sigma
The Lean Institute teaches participants how to see through the norm and gain new perspectives on how to run an organization at every level. These courses help low-level employees, managers, and executives improve how they work. 

National Pathways to Adulthood for Professionals 
Professionals working in independent living and transitional living programs around the country gather to share their knowledge, experiences, and creativity to pursue their common goal – offering compassionate and effective human services to youth and families across the nation.

Native Diabetes Prevention Conference
This annual conference brings together tribal members, academics, and health professionals to help prevent diabetes in American Indians.

Native Fitness Training
This innovative health promotion program trains individuals to become community fitness leaders and instructors. Participants will learn how to implement and instruct aerobic exercise classes in their Native communities.

Native Women & Men’s Wellness Conference
This conference joins health professionals and tribal members to promote wellness, health promotion and disease prevention, and behavior health in Native American tribes. .

New Horizons Band
The New Horizons Band program is for beginning, intermediate, and advanced adult musicians who wish to learn, continue, or hone their musical skills – even if they can’t read music. New Horizons is now a program of the OU School of Music.

Online Career Training – World Education
Instructor facilitated courses that are available anytime, anywhere. Participants learn skills that will prepare them for a new career or update their current skills sets.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Mature learners (ages 50+) are discovering the challenges and fun found in OU Outreach’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). OLLI provides more than 100 noncredit courses each year that enable you to transform yourself with knowledge and show you how “Life is Learning”!

Reading: Speed Reading and Study Strategies
This curriculum increases the reading effectiveness of students, allowing them to comprehend more in a shorter amount of time.

Reading: Summer Reading Skills for Children and Adults
This enjoyable activity with lifelong benefits includes eight different reading skills programs taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Summer programs are available in seven cities across Oklahoma.

Residential Child and Youth Care Professional Trainer Certification
A competency-based curriculum that trains participants to develop a culture of care, better understand child development, build relationships with youth, and teach discipline.

Resilience Development Institute
Integrating resilience throughout a community and understanding the principles of effective disaster resilience will educate mayors, elected officials, and community leaders on what effective resilience is, how it can positively impact communities, and how resilience planning can be incorporated into everything a communities does, no matter the size or location.

Ropes Course - Team Quest Challenge
This highly interactive, experience-based learning activity helps energize team members, build confidence, enhance trust, and challenge team members to work together. L

Substance Abuse Prevention Training (SWPC)
To prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse and related high-risk behaviors, the Southwest Prevention Center provides training, technical assistance, and materials to schools, community-based coalitions, policy makers, and social service and professional agencies.

Team Development / Leadership Training
ETTQ equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective in their business, through unique training that incorporates action learning, self-assessment, focused discussion, and engaging classroom instruction. ETTQ also provides the Training and Development Certificate Program for professionals who want to increase their skills as facilitators and trainers.

Team Quest Challenge Ropes Course
This highly interactive, experience-based learning activity helps energize team members, build confidence, enhance trust, and challenge team members to work together.

Trainer Programs / New and Experienced
Using experiential learning as a primary instructional tool, experienced trainers share their knowledge and talent as they lead the New Trainer courses. Each course is interactive, practical, and fun for new or unskilled trainers seeking professional competence. Participants in this Experienced Trainger program will learn current ASTD-identified training competencies and areas of expertise. This course helps training professionals continually develop and update their skills and remain up-to-date in the workplace.

U.S. Postal Employee Training
Approximately 40,000 postal technicians are trained at the National Center for Employee Development each year, and 250,000 are trained through web-based programs each year.

Youth and Family Training and Technical Assistance
The mission of the National Resource Center for Youth Services is to provide resources to the youth services community including training and technical assistance in Oklahoma and across the nation.