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Radar Research

Research at the National Weather Center

Researchers are working on a wide variety of projects throughout the National Weather Center. Topics include radar meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, cloud physics and lightning, synoptic meteorology, and climate variability and change.

Featured Research News

Radar Hydrology

Radar Hydrology

Dr. Jonathan J. Gourley and Dr. Yang Hong (NOAA NSSL) co-authored “Radar Hydrology,” which focuses on the use of radars in hydrology. Weather radars have proven their value for remote sensing of precipitation, even at high enough resolution to monitor and predict the onset of flash floods. But the process to arrive at an accurate estimate of precipitation from the raw radar signal is not a straightforward one. For this reason, this book is dedicated to radar-based precipitation estimation alone. Read more (PDF).

The Multifunction Phased Array Radar (MPAR)

Phased Array Radar

This program, first demonstrated by the NOAA, NSSL stands to deliver the most flexible long-range weather radar in history, featuring adaptive scanning as well as temporal resolutions more than ten times better than the WSR-88D.  Several  

technology demonstrators have been or are currently in development that seek to mitigate risks associated with the adoption of active phased array technology for weather radar applications.  With the advent of low-cost, highly-integrated digital transceivers within the last decade, the technology landscape is on the cusp..... Read more (PDF).

Radar Innovations Lab Opens

radar innovations lab

University of Oklahoma officials dedicated the Radar Innovations Laboratory in a public ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 22, on OU’s Research Campus.

The 35,000-square-foot facility encourages creative thinking and collaboration among faculty, students and external partners with a goal of innovating the next-generation radar, microwave electronics and related technologies. Read more (PDF).

Lightning Experts Gather in Norman for International Conference

lightening behind national weather center

About 200 national and international lightning experts from countries including England, France, Brazil, China, Russia, Poland and Japan as well as the United States will gather in Norman for the 2014 International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity. Read more (PDF).