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Susannah Livingood

Associate Provost & Director,

Institutional Research and Reporting

slivingood [at] ou [dot] edu
Kristine Betz

Assistant to the Director

kbetz [at] ou [dot] edu
Eugene AlbinInstitutional Research Analysteugene.albin [at] ou [dot] edu
Annie CobianchiInstitutional Research Analystcobianchi [at] ou [dot] edu
Emily GuiInstitutional Research Analystegui [at] ou [dot] edu
Patricia Kessler

Chief Institutional Research Analyst

pkessler [at] ou [dot] edu
Lisa Moore

Data Scientist

mccrews [at] ou [dot] edu
Patti Otto

Senior Systems Analyst

potto [at] ou [dot] edu
David Wilkins

Systems Analyst

dwilkins [at] ou [dot] edu

Yan Zhou

Systems Analyst

yan.zhou [at] ou [dot] edu

Requests for information should be submitted to: