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Resources for Students

OU offers a variety of resources to help students succeed. View the table below and click on the topic to discover resources and find important links. 

If you need assistance in an area that isn't listed below, please contact the Compass Network at (405) 325-8013 or via e-mail at



Students should meet with their academic advisors to create a plan for graduation. Advisors are experts in degree program requirements and can provide valuable advice and information about getting the most out of your OU experience! Most students have access to scheduling advisement appointments through Find out more about Academic Advisement at the University of Oklahoma by visiting the Advising website,, hosted by the Academic Advising Resource Center.

Selecting a Major

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There are many resources available to help students choose a major and/or minor. These resouces include: meeting with an expert to discuss options, taking assessments and reviewing those assessments with an expert, and even meeting with an academic advisor to create your own degree program! For more information about the process of choosing a major and links to these resources, click here.



OU offers many options for tutoring. Students may participate in Action Tutoring offered through the Learning Center where they work with the course professor and/or TA, Peer Learning Assistants, and other class members on the course material. Students also have the opportunity for small group tutoring, one-on-one tutoring, tutoring via facetime, and 24/7 tutoring in some subjects. It's all FREE! Find out more here.

Study Skills

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Many students at OU may have found it easy to excel in high school without studying a lot. However, the rigor and pace of college courses often prove more challenging. Learning important study skills can help you be more efficient and earn better grades. OU has Peer Learning Assistants trained in helping you learn and further develop study skills such as reading for comprehension, note taking techniques, exam preparation, and many other important skills. Make an appointment today!
Learn more here.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Financial Aid and schoarships are available to assist students in paying for college. Find out more about grants and loans available through Federal Financial Aid here. Find out more about scholarship opportunities here. In addition, OU offers some excellent resources to help you laern how to manage money that will be useful in college and after college. OU's Financial Education and Counseling Center offers a wealth of information on how to manage your finances in a variety of platforms, including courses and one-on-one financial counseling. Find out more here.


Graduate A Sooner

OU offers excellent counseling services right on campus through the OU Counseling Center. Students have access to individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling, psychiatric services, psychological counseling, alcohol use counseling, etc... for a reduced rate. There are many reasons students seek counseling, including the stress of college life. If you think you could benefit from talking to someone, please don't hesitate to make an appointment. Find out more here.

Involvement at OU

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Getting involved at OU will bring your college experience to life by connecting you with other students who may become life long friends, providing you with an opportunity to leave your legacy at OU, and helping you grow your leadership and teamwork skills! Find out more here