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Class Specific Initiatives

Being engaged in and feeling connected to the University community are important aspects of being successful at OU. The Graduation Office works with several areas of campus to help create connection among our students through Class Branding. 

New students come into the University as part of a class. The class year is computed by adding four years to the entry term. Thus, a student entering in the fall of 2011 would be a member of the Class of 2015. Students receive a class t-shirt, class hat and have their class printed on their student id card. Students also receive the graduation planner that is specific to their class (i.e. The Class of 2015 Graduation Planner). In addition to these items marked with the student's class, students will have the opportunity to participate in programming and initiatives specifically designed for their class. 

A few degree programs at the University of Oklahoma are five year programs. However, since most students should graduate in four years, their class year is calculated with that goal in mind. Students will typically live with, take classes with and socialize with members of their class as well as members from other classes. However, each class is unique and brings special strengths and talents to the University. As members of a specific class, students will leave a legacy specific to the characteristics and contributions of their class members. In addition, each class will leave a physical representation of their class by donating a class gift to the University. After graduation, class members will attend alumni events and reunions together. Being able to identify and bond with members of your class helps to create connections and friendships that will be enable success at OU and in life after college.The Class Councils launched in the fall of 2011. Students have the opportunity to serve on their class council creating events and initiatives aimed at increasing the bond among their class and providing their fellow class members with information and programming to aid in their connection to OU. More information about Class Councils and class specific initiatives can be found on your class site. Click the links below to go to your class site for important information on specific year transitions, opportunities, and events. 

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