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Graduation Office

About Us

The purpose of the Graduation Office is to assist students in reaching their graduation goals. The staff of the Graduation Office work collaboratively with all areas of university life to increase opportunities for student achievement and to help students remove barriers they may encounter along their path to graduation.

OU Graduation Office Initiatives

The Graduation Office coordinates various initiatives aimed at impacting student success. Some of these initiatives are listed below.

Graduation Ceremonies

Find ceremony details here.

Compass Network

Compass Network is an initiative aimed at helping students overcome barriers to their success at OU. Students work one-on-one with one of our staff to create an action plan to address the issue(s) impeding their success. Students should contact the Compass Network with any issue they feel is getting in the way of their ability to create success. Additional information is available here.

Residence Hall House Calls

Each year, faculty and staff reach out to our students living in the Residence Halls by making house calls. Residence Hall House Calls take place early in the fall semester between the 2nd and 5th weeks of the semester. Faculty and staff pair up and knock on doors in the Residence Halls to meet students. Additional information is available here.

Sooner Success

The Sooner Success Program is an individualized program where graduation coaches meet regularly with students to discuss academic services on campus, goal setting, career and major choices, getting involved on campus and leadership skills training.  Coaches will meet their students throughout the student’s time at OU. Meet the OU Graduation Coaches here.

Graduation Planners

The OU Graduation Planner is the collective effort of many members throughout the University community. It is our hope that you will use this incredible resource as a guide to assist you in successfully navigating your way here at OU. The Graduation Planner was designed specifically to help students. Additional information is available here.

Class Specific Initiatives

Being engaged in and feeling connected to the University community are important aspects of being successful at OU. Thus, the Graduation Office works with several areas of campus to help create connection among our students through Class Branding. Additional information is available here.

President's Graduation and Retention Task Force

The President's Graduation and Retention Task Force was created by President Boren to increase student success and persistence at OU. Executive Vice President and Vice President for Administration and Finance, Nick Hathaway, serves as chair of the task force. Faculty and staff who represent various areas of the campus also serve. Additional information is available here.

Student Graduation and Retention Task Force

The Student Graduation and Retention Task Force is chaired by a member of SGA. Other leadership of the task force include the following office holders from the University of Oklahoma Student Government Association and two Dean appointees from each college at the University of Oklahoma. Additional members are selected by the OU Graduation Office. To apply for a position: Additional information is available here.