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“To provide the best possible educational experience for our students.”


CTE provides excellent support on various OU's initiatives.  Contact us if you want to know more the following:

(On Hold) The Course Innovation Program is a program, initiated by Dr. Kyle Harper, Senior Vice President & Provost, for the OU-Norman Campus; through this program, up to $75,000 will be provided per year for up to 2 years to an instructor(s) of record of high enrollment classes in order to make the student learning outcomes even better.

Teaching in technology-enhanced active learning classroom is very different from the more traditional lecture course based on “what do students need to know”. Instead, class time is directed by “what do students need to be able to do and what do they need to know in order to do this?” As a result, most of the course content learning is outside of class, and class time focuses on how to use the content for solving relevant, interesting and significant problems.

Characteristics of technology-enhanced, active learning lectures include:

  • Cooperative learning environments that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching.
  • Technology that allows students to easily present work for review by peers and instructors.
  • Learning applications and access to data sets and other information sources.
  • Media-rich visualizations and simulations.
  • Furniture designed to facilitate small-group work.
  • The ability for instructors to interactively coach students during activities.
  • New options for student interaction and class structure.