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Competitive Student Teams

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Competitive Student Teams

The Rawl Engineering Practice Facility provides students with a facility that fosters collaboration, providing all the tools required to bring an idea from concept to finished product. Teams work side-by-side in open bays where classroom knowledge becomes practical experience. Students that choose to work on a team learn how to collaborate, create, compete and win. 

Boomer Rocket Team

Rocket Team

Captain: Erica King

Chief Engineer: Alex Speed

Advisor: Dr.Thomas Hays

The Boomer Rocket Team does research, design, and developing of High-powered rockets for the purpose of competing against other universities. We do tasks such as programming, fiberglassing, testing of chemicals, etc.. Competitions take place nationally.

Learn more about Boomer Rocket Team

Chem-E Car

Chem Car

Captain: Samuel Feher

Advisor: Dr. Jie Gao

Students design, build and test a small car powered by a specific chemical reaction and calibrated to carry a certain volume of water a specified distance.

Learn more about Chem-E Car

Concrete Canoe

Concrete Canoe Team

Co-Captain: Santiago Mazuera

Co-Captain: Chloe Harwood

Advisor: Dr. Jeff Volz

The team enters a canoe in the National Concrete Canoe Competition each year, where they design, build, document, present and race their canoe.

Learn more about Concrete Canoe

Crimson Skies Design/Build/Fly

Crimson Skies Design/Build/Fly Team

Program Manager: Santiago Mazuera

Chief Engineer: Christopher Hughes

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Hays

The team competes in an international engineering competition to develop an unmanned aerial system that is required to complete a series of missions, which vary from year to year.

Learn more about Crimson Skies

Sooner Competitive Robotics

Three students in the Sooner Competitive Robotics Team

President: Alex Arment

Advisor: Dr. Chad Davis

Sooner Competitive Robotics teams include the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Region 5 Robot, Mercury Remote Robot, Amercian Society for Engineering Education Two-Year, and KISS Institute for Practical Robotics Open and Aerial.
Learn more about SCR

Sooner Electric Racing

Sooner Electric Go-Kart Rounds a Corner during a Race

Captain: Devon Alcorn

Advisor: Dr. Caleb Fulton

The EV Grand Prix team works to research, design and develop electric vehicles to compete in a variety of races. Competitions take place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Learn more about SER


Sooner Off Road

The Sooner Off Road vehicle on a race

Co-Captain: Hailey Ricks

Co-Captain: Brad Woolery

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Dalton

Sooner Off Road is a relatively new team that is in its third year of competition. The team attended two national and international SAE Baja competitions with more than 100 entered teams in each.

Learn more about Sooner Off Road

Sooner Powered Vehicle

The Sooner Powered Vehicle

Captain: James Pannell

Advisor: Dr. Scott Harvey

The Sooner Powered Vehicle team designs, constructs and tests a vehicle for the National Americal Society of Mechanical Engineers Human Powered Vehicle competition each year. Teams engineer fast, agile, safe and innovative vehicles to compete in design, sprint, utility and endurance categories. 

Learn more about Sooner Powered Vehicle

Sooner Racing Team

Sooner Racing Team Car

Co-Captain: Ryan Cowdrey                                                   

Co-Captain: William Kasko

Chief Engineer: Justin Porter                                                      

 Advisor: Dr. Zahed Siddique

OU engineering students have designed a Formula-style race car every year since 1995, garnering numerous awards for design and performance. The team is consistently ranked among the top 10 in the world and top five in the United States.
Learn more about SRT

Sooner Rover Team

Sooner Rover Team

Captain:  Noah Over                                           

Advisor: Dr. David Miller

The Sooner Rover Team, founded in 2015, initially competed for the National Institute of Aerospace RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition in Houston, which they won in 2016. The team continues to compete in the annual Mars Society's University Rover Challenge. 

Learn more about Sooner Rover Team

Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge

Captain: Connor Casey

Advisor: Dr. Jeff Volz

The Steel Bridge Team designs, fabricates, and constructs a 1:10 scaled steel bridge to compete in the National Student Steel Bridge Competition.

Learn more about Steel Bridge



Jimmy Cannon

Engineering Practice Coordinator

Jimmy Cannon

Phone: (405) 325-6844