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Student Organization Guide

The Gallogly College of Engineering has more than 50 student organizations that focus on offering social, educational and professional events to help students develop professionally and as leaders. Below are resources and forms to help you succeed.

In order to be eligible for funding, all student organizations must be registered through OU Student Affairs and the OU Gallogly College of Engineering.

Registering with OU Student Affairs

Gallogly College of Engineering Student Life

All student organizations at the University of Oklahoma are required to register with the Student Government Association (SGA) in order to become or remain eligible for the SGA primary funding process. New organizations may register at any time during the academic year if funding is not of consideration.


Update your student organization.

Registering with OU Gallogly College of Engineering

Gallogly College of Engineering Student Life

The deadline for registration for the 2019-2020 school year is May 31st.

This form is MANDATORY for all organizations housed within the Gallogly College of Engineering, and will serve as the gateway to receive any funding from the Gallogly College, as well as providing a way to streamline updated contact information for all organizations to receive important information throughout the year. Please complete this form as soon as new leadership is elected/appointed.


Requirements to Register a Student Organization

  1. You will need at least ten enrolled student members
  2. You will need a faculty and/or staff advisor who is employed full time at the University of Oklahoma
  3. Complete the online application packet
  4. Have a current constitution meeting all of the necessary SGA requirements

Gallogly College of Engineering Funding

Engineering OU

Organizations must be registered with the Gallogly College of Engineering to apply for funding. The deadline to apply for funding in the 2019-2020 school year is TBD.

Student organizations may request funding from the Gallogly College of Engineering to help cover expenses. Registered student organizations and comepition teams may request funding both in the Fall and Spring semesters.


SGA Funding

College of Engineering

Types of Funding: Primary funding, subsidiary funding, emergency funding, and union catering funding. 

One of the most popular benefits of being a registered student organization is the ability to apply for funding through the Student Government Association (SGA) primary allocation process. SGA receives a portion of the University’s Student Activity Fees each year and in turn distributes it to registered student organizations for use. 


Engineers' Club Hamburger Feed Funding

The University of Oklahoma Gallogly College of Engineering Engineers' Club

Gallogly College of Engineering student organizations or compeition teams may co-host one or more of the Engineers' Club hamburger feeds.  A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 volunteers from the organization are required to stay for the length of the feed, including set up and clean up.  All volunteers must have food handlers' permits. 

Amount of Funding: Wages earned are $5 per hour per person.  A single feed holds an average of 8 hours of work.

Hamburger feeds are led by the Elngineers' Club Second Vice President.  The officer's list can be found on the Engineers' Club website.

President and Provost Award

Registered student organizations are allowed to apply for the President and/or Provost Awards. Engineering competition teams who are not registered with Student Life may apply through the corresponding registered technical society.

Requirements: Must be a currently registered student organization with Student Life and may apply at any time for both the President Award and the Provost Award.  For the President’s Award, ask the president’s secretary for the application. For the Provost Award, ask the provost’s secretary for the application. Both offices are located in Evans Hall. Return completed applications to corresponding secretaries.

Amount of Funding: Organizations may apply for as much as needed. Funding awarded is typically at a minimum of $500 per award. It is possible to receive funding from both awards.

Corporate Funding

How to Approach Corporations:
Many student organizations and competition teams acquire funding from corporations instead of or in addition to university funding. Work with the faculty advisor – often, presidents of the organization or the advisors are the individuals to make initial contact with the company.

Be professional. Follow-up and reply to a company in a timely manner. Write formally and with gratitude. Thank you letters, organization updates, company promotion (with permission), and invitations to your events are all great avenues to explore with corporations.

Be prepared with a well-organized, realistic budget to share that will be easily understood.

Who to Approach:
Start looking at companies who already have a strong relationship with OU and the Gallogly College of Engineering, specifically. Companies who attend the career fair often sponsor organizations, and this is a great time to make connections.

If your organization has one or more historical corporate sponsors, do not presume funding will continue to be supplied. Keep your organization’s relationships with companies strong.

Use of flyers, chalking, and word of mouth are a great way to reach the general engineering population to publicize for upcoming events.

Flyers and Banners

By contacting Tiffany Smith, your organization can set up an account with the copier in the REPF to help defray the cost to officers of printing multiple color copies.

Flyers in the Engineering Quad
Before Posting:

  1. Must contain a disability accommodation statement.
  2. Must be approved by Tiffany Smith, Director of Engineering Student Life, located at REPF 241.

Flyer Posting: 

  1. May not be posted on painted, finished, or brick surfaces.
  2. Postings in Devon and the REPF are restricted to their designated bulletin boards.
  3. Only use clear tape on glass surfaces.
  4. Do not block the line of sight.
  5. Flyers and advertisements must be removed promptly following the event's conclusion.

Learn more about posting flyers on campus (PDF).

Flyers outside of the Engineering Quad
North of Lindsey Street:
Complete a Campus Display Request form and return it to the Center for Student Life, OMU Room 363 no less than 5 working days prior to date requested to display flyers are required.

South of Lindsey Street:
Must obtain approval from the Director of Residential Life. If approved, you will need to provide 12 hard copies to the designated office to be posted for you by the staff.

Tree Banners:
Must be professionally produced, weatherproof, wind cut, and properly secured.

For additional information and find the forms on the Student Life Website.


Chalking rules are in place to minimize cleanup needs and make sure our campus stays beautiful.

Before Chalking: 

  1. Obtain approval from OU Student Life.
  2. Chalking south of Lindsey Street requires approval from the Director of Residential Life.
  3. Only purchase white or yellow water-soluble chalk.

Required Content:

  1. Event Name
  2. Sponsoring Student Organization(s)
  3. Event Date

Chalking Locations:

  1. Must not be within 10 feet of any building entrance.
  2. Must not be under any building overhangs.
  3. Only chalk in horizontal surfaces.
  4. Do not interfere with other chalking.

Learn more about chalking on campus.


Organizational Email Lists:
It is common for each organization to collect email addresses of all who have expressed interest in the club or team.  A good time to reach a large group of students is at the beginning of the academic year at involvement fairs.  Although you are personally contacting each of your potential memenrs, you should not stop publicity here, as you are missing those who have yet to sign up.  Mailchimp has proven to be easy and successful for many student organizations.

Gallogly College of Engineering Newsletter:
The Engineering Student Life department sends out a newsletter every Monday to all engineering students.  You may submit information on an upcoming event for your organization to the newsletter by emailing by 9am each Monday.  Be sure to include date, time, location, and a disability statement such as "For accommodations on the basis of disability, please contact (Name) at (email)."

Departmental Emails:
Your organzation may be able to send emails to all students in the department your club or team is most closely related to.  Please allow enough notice to the staff member is doing this favor for the organization.  Below is a contact list for the departments in the Gallogly College of Engineering and the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy.

AMEKate O'
CSVirginie Perez

Social Media

In the age of social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways of communication for your organization. Facebook accounts are easy to set up and allow you to invite members and create event pages.

Twitter is a quick way to send reminders about an upcoming event or meeting. Instagram is a useful tool for posting photos of events, before and during, to draw more attendance. Considering the generation of students in college right now, utilizing social media as a form of publicity will prove beneficial for any organization.

For any tips and tricks, and assistance in setting up official pages, please contact our GCoE Communications team of Sarah Warren or Karen Kelly

Involvement Fair

Howdy Week:
Howdy Week is held the first week of fall semester and holds an involvement fair on Wednesday afternoon. This is a great way to target freshmen involvement. An email from the Campus Activities Council will be sent to all presidents during the summer for registration.

Fall Festival/New Engineers Welcome:
Engineers’ Club hosts this event either the first  Friday of fall semester in the Engineering Quad. All engineering related organizations and teams are invited to this exciting day of recruitment and fun. An email will be sent to presidents of the organizations during the summer for registration.

MCEE Welcome Back BBQ:
The Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy hosts a welcome back barbeque the second Wednesday of the fall semester, where they showcase all of their student organizations and invite a few from the Gallogly College of Engineering. Presidents of the organizations will be contacted about this event for registration.

Sooner Orientation Weekend:
Every year on the Friday before fall classes begin, Student Life holds an involvement fair in the South Oval. This is a great way to target freshmen, and a fun way to start the year. Presidents will be contacted via email during the summer to sign up.

Student Organization Website and Calendar

Official College of Engineering Website:
Many organizations already have their own website. The College of Engineering is now encouraging all student organizations and teams to create an official website under a specific format to increase ease and aesthetics. To begin the process of creating your webpage, please contact the Director of Communications, Karen Kelly, at or in CEC 107.

E-Club Calendar:
The calendar on the Engineers’ Club website is meant to show all student organization events happening college wide. You can submit your event requests on the E-Club website via their submissions form. You can also contact the current E-Club webmaster for more information.

Display Screens:
Throughout the Gallogly College of Engineering, there are flat screen TVs that provide announcements for upcoming events.  If you would like your event to be displayed on these, allow 24 hours for your event to be posted.  To display your event with this tool, please contact Karen Kelly at


Event Cards:
Event cards have proven to be successful in spreading meeting details to an organization’s members. It is very quick and inexpensive to contact a printing company, such as King Kopy, and have business card sized event cards made for your organization. You should include the anticipated meetings for the current semester, dates, website address, and points of contact for more information.

Other Items:
Another way to spread word about your organization could be through promotional items, like we see companies use at the career fair such as brochures or knickknacks. Use creativity to spread messages. This may be a more costly method of publicity.

Word of Mouth

Engineering Orientation:
Leaders of each engineering related organization are invited once a semester to speak at the freshmen and transfer engineering orientation large sections. This is an opportunity to recruit freshmen and transfer students to your organization. The students may have not heard of your organization or team before so representation is important! It also helps potential new members to match names with faces.

Speaking in Class:
If your organization or team is closely related to a specific course, you may be able to make a class-wide announcement for an upcoming meeting or event. Be sure to get approval from the instructor before making your announcement.


Steps for planning:

  1. You must first receive pre-approval to travel from the Vice President of Student Affairs’ office. Pre-approval may be granted following completion and submission of the Student Travel Authorization Form for Registered Student Organizations.
  2. Contact an advisor to travel with you or contact Tiffany Smith in advance for her to find an advisor to travel with you.
  3. Collect proper documents:
    – List of participants, addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contact information
    – Copies of driver licenses for all drivers
    – Proof of current liability insurance
    – Medical Information and Informed Consent Forms
  4. Define all costs and budgets
    – Establish how much each participant will pay out of pocket and how much the organization will fund
    – Meet with the Dean’s Office two months in advance to obtain the check for your trip
  5. Provide your student organization advisor and the student life office with a proposal regarding your trip. The proposal must include:
    – Travel approval from Student Affairs
    – An outline and schedule of your trip
    – All reservation information regarding your trip
    – All proper documents listed in part 3

Learn more and find current forms on the Student Life website.


Guidelines for licensing:
Any student organization wishing to produce a product bearing any OU trademark must first obtain permission from the Office of Trademark Licensing.
To obtain licensing approval, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose a current OU licensee to produce your product.
  2. Work with the licensee to design your product.  Please note that your organization’s classification dictates which OU trademarks you are able to use.
    Complete the appropriate Student Organization Licensing Form.
  3. After you obtain written approval from your advisor and your campus Student Affairs office, please scan and email your form to Please allow up to one week for the Office of Trademark Licensing to respond to your request.

Room Reservations

Contacts for Room Reservations:

REPF REPFrooms@ou.edu325-3164REPF Front Desk
Devon Forum and Team RoomsJack Baileyjackbailey@ou.edu325-8131DEH 100
Carson 100 and 101Ashley 325-2621CEC 107
SarkeysNick Grallngrall@ou.edu325-1238SEC 1210
Large ClassroomsClassroom Managementclassroom-management@ou.edu325-4415Buchanan Hall 233
Willoughby LoungeE-Club WL Managers, Geoffrey Page or Matt 

 4th floor of Felgar

*Find the E-club Willoughby Lounge Managers on the current officer list.


Room Descriptions:
Devon Energy Hall
DEH 151 - Conference room – Seats 20 around the table with 10 extra chairs around the exterior – so will hold up to 30 – plasma and projector screen – speaker phone (has adequate speaker so no additional equipment is necessary for conference calls) set up for distance learning, phone, whiteboard etc. – counter, sink and undercounted refrigerator.


DEH 225, 246, 325, 346, 425, 446, 525, 546
8 small team rooms hold 6-10 – hexagon table - for small meetings – no technology available - has whiteboard.


DEH 145, 226, 245, 326, 345, 426, 445, 526, 545
9 large team rooms – hold 8-12 – rectangular tables – each has a plasma screens, can hook up your laptop – and a phone for conference calls.  Speaker phone (has adequate speaker so no additional equipment is necessary) – has whiteboard – 1 of these is programmed to serve food with a sink (526) – on the 5th floor east end.


DEH – 220, 320, 420
Three forum rooms – set up with tables and chairs to seat 24 (3 tables with 8 each) and soft seating for 8. Could be set up to hold up to 50 for a seminar – but would have to move chairs and furniture to do this (we have additional chairs available for the user in the basement of Devon for this purpose – user is responsible for any changes).  Has projector, drop down screen and 2 plasma screens in the corners.  Equipped with speaker phone, whiteboard, and a counter and sink – best place if you want to serve food during a meeting.

DEH 120 
This classroom has the technology to support distance learning, is programmed with standard University classroom technology in the podium, dual projectors with screens fixed above whiteboards, document camera.  Seating for 71 is stadium style, tables and chairs are fixed on tiers. 

DEH 130 
Classroom programmed with standard University classroom technology in podium, dual projectors with screens fixed above whiteboards, document camera.  Seating for 59 is tiered with fixed tables and moveable chairs.  Dual purpose can be used for lecture style and team based learning.

DEH 270 
Classroom programmed with standard university classroom technology in podium, dual projectors with drop down screens on either end or the room, whiteboard on 3 walls.  Seating for 60 at hexagon shaped tables for team based learning.  Offers instructor podium, and table and chair for more casual team based learning.

ExxonMobil Lawrence G. Rawl Engineering Practice Facility (REPF)
REPF Multipurpose Room 200 
Seats 60 (10 hexagon shaped tables seating 6). Room can be reconfigured to hold 60 with tables set up in rows (extra tables and chairs are available) – user is responsible for any changes.  The room can also be set up seminar style for 100 (when scheduling for this type of event would need to confirm that chairs are not committed to other events and the user is responsible for returning room to the original layout). Room has dual drop down screens and projectors with “whiteboard” markable material.  Small kitchen off room with dishwasher/refrigerator.

REPF 222, 261
Two large team rooms –hold 8-12 – each has a plasma screens, can hook up your laptop – and a phone for conference calls.  Speaker phone (has adequate speaker so no additional equipment is necessary) – has “whiteboard” markable material.

Room Etiquette:

  1. Leave the room set up like you found it (tables, chairs, etc.)
  2. Take all trash to the dumpster in the south loading dock of REPF, clean messes, and vacuum floor.
  3. Lock room after the last person leaves, if asked to.
  4. Pick up key during normal working hours (M-F, 8am-5pm) the day of your event (if after hours), and return key the next day.


Deposit Form: Click HERE

Reimbursement Form: Click HERE

Financial Event Planning Checklist: Click HERE

Purchase Spreadsheet: Click HERE