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Multicultural Engineering Program

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Senior MEP Students

Multicultural Engineering Program

The University of Oklahoma Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) has been an important component to the many successes of the University of Oklahoma.

Staff of Diversity and Inclusion


The University of Oklahoma's Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) was established in 1981. The program was designed to recruit and retain engineering students from diverse backgrounds in order to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity and community amongst students of different backgrounds, while also providing students a network of support for their college careers. Since its establishment, the program has been devoted to promoting the college of engineering's ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusivity. 

"We're not academic or financial aid advisers and we're not counselors, but these are all topics that we touch on with our students. We make sure they have everything they need," said Director of the Diversity and Inclusion MEP Lisa Morales. "Our office offers a family away from their families, so we really know our students well. We meet many of them and their families prior to freshman year, and we're with them until they graduate."

Morales with MEP Alumni

The Multicultural Engineering Program has assisted engineering students in the pursuit of their undergraduate and graduate degrees. The MEP legacy is an important factor of the Gallogly College of Engineering's education effort in providing a distinguished engineering education to students from underrepresented groups.

MEP Banquet Students

"With the help of MEP, I started my engineering academic career with an on-campus family," Diversity and Inclusion MEP Teaching Assistant Ramiro Brigueda. "The sense of community that MEP has provided for me since day one is the reason I am still at OU pursuing an engineering degree."

Diversity and Inclusion students are proud to be a part of the long MEP legacy. Our current students are reconnecting with various MEP alumni through the Dean's Advisory Board on Diversity and other programs.



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