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Ways to Give

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Ways To Give

You can help the College of Engineering through several gift methods. These gifts may be designated to certain programs or unrestricted for use where the need or opportunity is the greatest. Certain methods of giving provide tax or estate planning benefits. The University of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc. staff is available to share expertise in these areas with donors, their attorneys and tax advisers.

Make a Gift



A gift of cash or a pledge over a period of years is the most direct way to support the University. Checks should be made payable to "The University of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc."


Stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit and other securities may be donated to the University through the OU Foundation. Depending upon circumstances of the gift, the OU Foundation either will manage or liquidate the securities to achieve your goals. Instructions for the transfer of securities to benefit the College of Engineering can be reviewed here.


Many donors contribute their personal residences, farmland, commercial or other property to the University through the OU Foundation. Certain personal property, including works of art, books, furnishings and other valuables may be appropriate gifts to enhance a particular discipline or one of the University's museum or library collections.


An increasingly popular method of giving is the charitable remainder trust, of which there are two principal varieties: the charitable remainder unitrust and the charitable remainder annuity trust. Both can be funded through a gift during a donor's lifetime or through a testamentary disposition. Both provide life income for the donor and/or a designated beneficiary(ies). Life insurance can become a gift of much greater value than the actual money expended when the policy is given to the University through the OU Foundation, which is named as the beneficiary. The donor either can pay the entire policy or make annual contributions to the OU Foundation for the cost of the premiums. The University of Oklahoma Foundation Inc. often is named beneficiary in the wills of University alumni and friends. The donor may elect to leave all or part of an estate to benefit the University.


You may establish a fund to honor the memory of a loved one, friend or mentor or contribute to an existing fund for that purpose. Not all such funds are memorials, however, for a number of donors also make contributions to honor individuals during their lifetime.


Many corporations match the gifts their employees make to the University. Consult your employer to determine if such a program exists in your firm.