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As modern China becomes an increasingly visible player on the world’s stage, it is more important than ever for the world to gain an understanding of Chinese culture, history, and perspectives. Chinese Literature Today, a new title from the award-winning World Literature Today, grants the world direct access to China—poems that have been memorized and loved by countless readers, novels that have sold millions of copies, and literary essays that illuminate the many facets of Chinese literature and culture.

CLT’s mission is to provide high-quality English translations of the best of Chinese literature. CLT will feature both original literary works and groundbreaking critical essays. All genres of fiction and non-fiction are welcome, from poetry, short story, novella, and novel excerpts to literary essay and memoir. Book reviews, news, interviews, and visual arts will complete CLT’s coverage of China’s modern arts.

CLT invites you to come explore China and delve into an entire literary tradition that has until now been available only to specialists.