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Scholarships for IAS Majors

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Scholarships and Awards for IAS Majors

For questions on any of the scholarships listed below contact Patsy Broadway at

OU Scholarships in the Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH)

There are many OU scholarships at the new Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH). The new system allows current students to apply for most OU scholarships in one central location, with one deadline.

Cole Frates Endowed Scholarship

IAS students who study in Latin America or Europe with extra consideration for students who wish to study in Holland.

Ann and Marc Nuttle Award for Middle East Studies

IAS students who demonstrate superior understanding of religious tolerance in the Middle East through a thoroughly researched term paper on the subject.

St. Elijah's & Anthony Shadid Arabic Language Study Scholarship

Awarded to the best IAS student in Middle East Studies whose principal language of study is Arabic.

Paula Throckmorton Zakaria and Fareed Zakaria Scholarship

IAS students participating in a CIS study abroad program.

CIS Board Of Visitors Scholarship

Undergraduate and graduate students to study abroad in non-western destinations. Preference given to IAS students.

Molly & David Boren Scholarship

Undergraduate and graduate students with financial need with preference given to IAS majors.

Dean Suzette Grillot Scholarship

Students participating in the OU in Arezzo program during the fall, spring or summer semester (the deadline for this scholarship is Feb. 1.)

OU Scholarships and Awards outside of Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub

These scholarships must be applied for individually.



Student Travel Support Grant

IAS graduate and undergraduate student travel for research and educational activities.

Internship Support Grant

IAS undergraduate and graduate students for travel and housing support related to international internship activities.

Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr. Outstanding IAS Student Award

An IAS student that has demonstrated high academic achievement, a commitment to public service and a desire to pursue a career in global affairs.

William W. Talley, II Award

The William W. Talley Award is given every spring in even-numbered years to an undergraduate alum of the Department of International and Area Studies who is currently enrolled in (or has been admitted and plans to attend) the Masters degree program in International Studies at the University of Oklahoma.  The Award amount is $2,500.

Mary & Don Sherman International Networking Scholarship

IAS majors who take part in an international networking opportunity.

Enes Kanter Scholarship

IAS majors. Additional consideration will be given to female students or students who demonstrate an interest in/commitment to increasing the prevalence of, or improving the role of, women in the field of international studies.

Thomas W. Adams Best Paper Award

Best paper that addresses any aspect of conflict resolution, affecting any country that borders the Mediterranean Sea.

Iranian Studies Best Paper Award

Best undergraduate paper on a topic in the area of Iranian Studies.

Latin American Studies Best Paper Award

Best paper on any Latin American topic by an undergraduate major or minor in the David L. Boren College of International Studies.