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Services to Sponsored Students

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Services to Sponsored Students

The OU Sponsored Student Programs advisor provides a variety of support services to international students whose academic programs are being funded by governments, international agencies, corporations, or other entities.

Among other services, the OU Sponsored Student Programs advisor:

  • Provides personalized airport pick-up service for new, incoming sponsored students at no extra charge
  • Makes local hotel reservations for students arriving after hours or on weekends when University Housing business offices are closed
  • Provides list of local housing options for student who wish to find off-campus housing
  • Advises sponsored students through individualized orientation programs and one-on-one meetings
  • Supports and resolves immigration-related issues on behalf of sponsored students
  • Works with other offices on campus to resolve any issues concerning sponsored students

The Sponsored Student Programs advisor also provides resources to sponsored students at OU which include:

  • Phone, fax, and copy machine privileges for all sponsor-related business
  • Consultation and referral to on-campus resources for assistance with academic tutoring, counseling, improving study habits, test-taking strategies, writing assistance, dispute resolution, stress management, cultural integration, and other issues
  • Referrals for involvement with on-campus leadership activities
  • Specialized orientations
  • Direct communication with sponsored students by in-person meetings, e-mail, phone, fax or express mail
  • Review of issues of concern with students, whether personal, financial, immigration issues, health issues or other
  • Referrals to banking service needs
  • Direct communication with home country from office phones when s/he first arrives
  • Liaising between student, academic department and sponsor
  • A Welcome Reception for new and continuing sponsored students each fall semester