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Applying for Exchange

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Applying for Exchange

Exchange Student Program Deadlines

Fall Semester or Academic Year 
March 15 for NominationsApril 15 for Applications
Spring Semester or Calendar Year
September 15 for NominationsOctober 10 for Applications

Application Process Overview

1) Nominate - Universities submit nominations online for a student to be considered for participation in the Exchange Student Program.
2) Apply - Students complete the online application AFTER being nominated by their home universities. Precise instructions will be provided to the student.
3) Admit - The Exchange Student Coordinator reviews applications and processes student acceptance and admission to the University of Oklahoma.

University Nominations

Our universities must have an existing bilateral exchange agreement for students to be eligible.

Additionally, students must have completed their first year at their home university and are expected to be in good academic standing in order to attend OU as an exchange student.

Please have the following information prepared when submitting a nomination online:

  • Exchange Coordinator's Name and Email Address
  • Home University
  • Nominated Student's Full Legal Name
  • Nominated Student's Email Address
  • Birthdate and Gender
  • Level of Education and Field of Study
  • Expected Length of Stay at OU
  • Expected English Language Proficiency Measure

Contact Exchange Student Coordinator

Student Applications

After International Student Services receives the required information through the nomination form, students will be contacted to start the online application process.

Each student must submit a scan of his/her passport or national ID card (if passport is in processing) to International Student Services, and then an application will be created for the student within our online system. Students will be notified and instructed on how to log into the system to complete requirements before the deadline.

All documents for the application process must be uploaded as electronic files through the online system before the student can be admitted in the main OU Admissions system. Original documents or hard copy applications will NOT be accepted, as our application process is conducted completely online.

Log into Online Application


Students who are coming to the University of Oklahoma with the primary intention of learning English are encouraged to contact the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) for information about this program. It is not possible for incoming exchange students to obtain tuition and fee waivers to participate on CESL programs.