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Graduate Programs

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Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in International Studies

The Master of Arts degree in International Studies equips students with the tools to engage in a globally integrated environment, whether in the realm of international diplomacy, international security, the international economy,  humanitarian aid and economic development assistance, or international advocacy. Program coursework provides a rigorous foundation in international and comparative politics, world history, international economics, and analytic and statistical methods. Students in the program also have the flexibility to focus their coursework through either the Global Studies option, which includes specializations in global economics and development and global security studies; or the Area Studies option, which includes regional specializations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East.

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The requirements for the dual JD/MAIS degree are identical to the Department of International and Area Studies MAIS requirements, with two exceptions: 

Candidates must choose the Global Studies option and instead of taking 9 credit hours of elective courses as normally required, the candidate will take 3 courses from a list of international law courses.

Persons interested in pursuing the dual JD/MAIS program must make regular application for admission to and be accepted by both the College of Law and the Graduate College and applicants should apply to MAIS during their second semester of the first year of the JD program.


Master of Arts in Global Affairs (Online)

The Master of Arts in Global Affairs (MAGA) enables students to pursue studies with a focus on the political, economic and social interactions that have an impact on global turbulence.

MAGA coursework is designed to provide students with a global vision from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Additionally, students will develop expertise in one or more geographic areas of the globe. The program will provide valuable and practical experience through a planned policy exercise and collective study abroad program exclusive to MAGA students.

By studying in the MAGA program, students will increase their knowledge of global affairs, enhance their ability to operate in a dynamic global environment and expand their global connections, contributing to professional success.  

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