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Social Work

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Online Master of Social Work Program is NOW Available at OU!


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work NOW offered at OU-Tulsa


Is Social Work in your future?

100 Social Work Jobs special populations, issues and setting, mental health and substance abuse, education, administration, policy, and research, medical and health settings:  1.	Child welfare worker 2.	Adoption social worker 3.	Corrections social workers 4.	Military social worker 5.	Homeless intervention 6.	Rural social worker 7.	Clinical social worker 8.	Marriage and family therapist 9.	Substance abuse counselor 10.	Disaster management and responder 11.	Infant mental health  12.	Child protective services 13.	Prisoner reentry worker 14.	Foster care worker 15.	Domestic violence social worker 16.	Eating disorder specialist 17.	Case manager 18.	Mental health programs manager 19.	Crisis interventionist 20.	Gambling Addiction Worker 21.	Employment counselor 22.	Legal aid social worker 23.	Aging family services 24.	Child welfare supervisor 25.	Disability social workers 26.	Court appointed special advocate 27.	Psychiatric social worker 28.	Clinical supervisor 29.	Intake worker 30.	Assessment Specialist 31.	Child abuse investigator 32.	Gerontological social worker 33.	Forensic social worker 34.	Expert witness 35.	Tribal social worker 36.	School social worker 37.	Mental health therapist 38.	Terrorism responder 39.	Addictions counselor 40.	Crisis team member  41.	Re-entry manager 42.	International social worker 43.	Probation Worker 44.	Juvenile services worker 45.	Victim advocate 46.	Special education social worker 47.	Teacher 48.	CEO of a clinic or hospital 49.	Pediatric social work 50.	Emergency room social worker 51.	Early childhood worker 52.	Disability policy social workers 53.	Trainer 54.	Community activist 55.	School counselor 56.	Social Work Educator  57.	Military Base Social Worker 58.	Integrated care social worker 59.	Behavioral health care specialist 60.	Nursing home social worker 61.	Program coordinator 62.	Human resources social worker 63.	Employee assistance social worker 64.	Executive Director of non-profit organization 65.	Development officer 66.	Professor 67.	Youth development worker 68.	Elder Care Clinical Worker 69.	Health clinic social workers 70.	Public health social worker 71.	Community organizer 72.	Lobbyist 73.	Grant writer 74.	Politician 75.	State agency Leader 76.	Policy Maker  77.	Hospice social worker 78.	Rehab Social Worker 79.	Internal medicine social worker 80.	Palliative care social worker 81.	Small business owner 82.	Legislative staffer 83.	Policy analyst  84.	Researcher 85.	Director of policy advocacy group 86.	Community development Worker 87.	Private Practice Social Worker 88.	Disaster Response Specialist 89.	Disabilities Clinical Worker 90.	Community health Worker 91.	Community Program Admin 92.	Agency CEO 93.	Statistics Analyst 94.	Author 95.	Coalition Leader 96.	Medical Social Worker 97.	World Health Worker 98.	Prevention Specialist 99.	Traveling Health Social Worker 100.	Physical Therapy Social Worker

Did you know that there are more than 100 jobs available with a Social Work degree?  

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Continuing Education

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The Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work Program for Continuing Education seeks to provide high quality continuing education events to Oklahoma social workers. We have events on both the Norman and Tulsa campus as well as in Northwest Oklahoma. View our current offerings here.

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