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Human Relations

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LPC Test Prep Workshop


We will soon be offering LPC CEU workshops.  Click here (pdf) to learn more and remember to check our website periodically as more information becomes available for this new continuing education opportunity for the LPC practicing professional.

Click here for information on upcoming LPC test preps.

What is Human Relations?

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We are a multi-disciplinary field of study and professional practice combining theoretical perspectives from the social sciences and humanities, organizational studies, the world of work and service, and from multicultural studies.   The BA and the MHR degrees prepare students to meet the challenge of working in an increasingly diverse and global workplace.  

Our Vision


The Human Relations program will be recognized for excellence in education and research, promoting social justice, service, and scholarship for the betterment of society.

Our History


The Department of Human Relations was founded in 1970 with a mission to train graduate students to be agents of social change.  The department has grown to include a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Human Relations in Norman and a Master’s degree in Human Relations (MHR) on the University of Oklahoma campuses in Norman and Tulsa, as well as through OU’s College of Continuing Education’s Advanced Programs.

"When making the decision to pursue Human Relations as an undergraduate I had to question, what does Human Relations mean? I quickly realized that it would challenge me to understand myself. The phrase I have heard most is “Human Relations helps one to better understand themselves so they are better equipped to help others.” I believe that my philosophy as well falls in line with this same philosophy. Human relations has focused on making me a better version of myself, because in doing so I have been able help everyone around me. Human relations builds active participants of the community that will serve everyone around them and overall grow the communities of the world."

-Jeremiah F. Stinnett, Human Relations Senior