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Health and Exercise Science

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Meet Our New Faculty

Amanda Wilkerson, Ph.D.

Dr. Amanda Wilkerson

Dr. Wilkerson’s research interests focus on the health impacts of sedentary behavior. Her research incorporates an ecological framework to investigate influences on sedentary behavior and primarily focuses on the workplace setting. Dr. Wilkerson’s research interests also include physical activity and addressing sedentary behavior in settings outside of the workplace. The aim of her research is to design and test theory-based health education and promotion programs to reduce sedentary behavior and increase physical activity through the use of both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

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J. Mikhail Kellawan

Dr. J. Mikhail Kellawan

Dr. Kellawan's research focuses on human circulation and how health conditions can alter the ability of the cardiovascular system to match metabolic demand and how regular physical activity and therapies can be used to improve vascular function.

The goal of the Human Circulation Research Laboratory research program is to understand the characteristics and mechanisms that match oxygen/substrate supply to demand in response to exercise and environmental stress in both human health and in disease.The lab's specific focus is to conduct experiments that provide insight into the vascular control mechanisms in the cerebral and skeletal muscle circulations during exercise and environmental stress in humans.

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