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Environmental Studies at the University of Oklahoma provides a balance between the Sciences and Humanities in order to prepare the future environmental problem solvers with the ability to communicate the importance of taking action and the continued appreciation for the natural world we depend on.

Interested in joining an Environmental Student Club?

OUr Earth membership is a great way to connect with other conservation-minded students and to take part in volunteer and/or other outdoor appreciation activities that help you stay involved in the efforts to create a more sustainable world! 


Are you aware of OU's Sustainability Efforts?

The University of Oklahoma - Crimson & Green Program highlights and assists University of Oklahoma programs and departments wishing to develop methods and systems to save energy, conserve water, as well as stretching our funding and resources by being more consciencious of recycling opportunities and waste avoidance. Please visit the Crimson & Green website to learn more and see how you/your department can participate!


Support the activities and development of OU Environmental Studies: Student Development, Faculty Development, & EarthMonth@OU.

Dr. David Hambright Recognized for Excellence!

Dave Hambright, Professor of Biology and Director of Environmental Studies, has recently been named a Fellow of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography for having achieved excellence in his contributions to the society and the aquatic sciences.

Master of Science in Environmental Studies - Approved!

The State Regents recently approved the University of Oklahoma‚Äôs (OU) request to offer the Master of Science in Environmental Studies 
-the new degree code is M409 effective Fall 2017.

We will be updating the Master's Program page under "Degree Program" in the navigation bar withthe checksheet and application information very soon. Please feel free to contact the Environmental Studies Program ofice in the meantime from our info on the "Contact" page.

OU's Environmental Studies students and colleagues accomplish great things!

ENST Student, Cindy Belardo, shown working with K-12 students at Lincoln Elementary, Norman, OK for an internship with the non-profit environmental education organization - Earth Rebirth.
ENST Student, Cindy Belardo, shown working with K-12 students at Lincoln Elementary, Norman, OK for an internship with the non-profit environmental education organization - Earth Rebirth.

OU Environmental Studies and Environmental Program Successes

Previous Graduate Accomplishments: Laura Biddick - IPE/ENST Grad 2009

L.Biddick sampling water for Ana-Lab 2017. She is a 2009 Grad of OU's IPE/ENST program.
L.Biddick sampling water for Ana-Lab 2017. She is a 2009 Grad of OU's IPE/ENST program.

Laura Biddick is currently employed as Oklahoma's Regional Manager with ANA-LAB, a privately owned corporation based out of Texas with an office in Norman, OK. "I have really been enjoying working with ANA-LAB for the last two years. I have the luxury of making my own schedule, I get to travel throughout Oklahoma to meet with our wonderful clients, and best of all it keeps me living in my hometown - Norman. Boomer!"

Earth Rebirth in Norman, OK founded by Andrew Sartain, OU's Environmental Studies affiliate faculty...

Andrew Sartain, OU Graduate & Founder of EarthRebirth shown here educating children on how to compost, at Lincoln Elementary in Norman, OK.
Andrew Sartain, OU Graduate & Founder of EarthRebirth shown here educating children on materials needed for creating compost for gardening, at Lincoln Elementary in Norman, OK.

Andrew Sartain, founder and director of the environmental non-profit "Earth Rebirth" in Norman, OK is a graduate of the OU and current affiliate faculty for Environmental Studies. As such, he provides opportunities for student learning in nonprofit management and public education and relations skills through Earth Rebirth's environmental outreach programs. Environmental Studies students who express an interest in the environmental education and nonprofit world can intern with Mr. Sartain and his associates to gain hands-on experience and build their resume.

Read the story in the link below to learn more about how Earth Rebirth has been helping the Norman, OK community and schools within the region to educate future generations about sustainable techniques for health food production as well as other kickstarters for environmental awareness and appreciation.

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With course options in a variety of topics relating to environmental aware careers, Environmental Studies will help you prepare for future employment as well as to help society better understand the science that protects the world we live in and the environment on which we all depend. (see possible options listed below...)

Environmental Education - teaching in public and private schools, institutions of higher education, nature centers, outdoor education programs, parks and recreation programs, government and non-profit organizations.

Environmental Health - studying the relationship between humans and their environment, drawing from environmental and biologica fields to determine the effect of various activities and conditions on human health.Environmental Ethics - studying the values and morals of human-environmental interactions.

Environmental Enforcement - enforcing environmental laws by helping companies, individuals and governments to comply with laws. Working for the protection and well-being of humans, wildlife and the environment.

Environmental Communications/Journalism - Focuses on technical issues or reports for a government agency, public education for a nonprofit environmental campaign, or promotion of products and ideas intended for environmentally-conscious living. May also come under the name of Science Writing, or anything else pertaining to the commmunication of an environmental of scientific message.

Environmental Studies - an interdisciplinary field studying the relationships between human activities and the environment with the goal of understanding and responding to the social, cultural, and ecological factors that lead to environmental degredation. 

Environmental Policy - designing, analyzing and implementing environmental policies 

Environmental Planning - urban and regional planning or environmental policy program development.

Environmental Law - specializing in rules, regulations, and principles that pertain to interactions of human society and nature.

Environmental Justice - leading movements and taking action to combat unfair environmental practices that occur in poor, and/or marginalized communities.

Environmental History/Literature - fiction and non-fiction writing about the environment and nature.

Environmental Advocacy - protecting the public from environmental hazards and protecting the natural world. 

Environmental Archaeology - examines the ecological processes that took place in the past and the human decisions that may have affected them. 

Environmental Chemistry - studying the bahavior of pollutants and their environmental effects on the air, water and soil environments, as well as their effects on human health and the natural environment. 

Environmental Technology - remediation, mitigation, hazardous waste management, and environmental pollution prevention. Encompassing any field where technology is used to solve or prevent environmental problems.