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Tuition & Fees

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Tuition and Fees Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Estimated Tuition & Fees for First Year Undergraduate Students

Hours Enrolled:30 Hours
Academic Level:Undergraduate
Term Enter:Fall '19 / Spring '20

*Figure includes Mandatory Semester, Mandatory Hourly, and Academic Excellence (2019 admit term) Fees. This estimate does not include College Technology, Program, and/or Course Specific Fees.

Undergraduate Flat-Rate Tuition and Mandatory Fees

                                    Resident TuitionNon-Resident TuitionHourly Mandatory  FeesTotal
(12 + hours*)
(12 + hours*)

*Permission is required for students who want to enroll in more than 19 semester hours per Oklahoma State Regents' Policy.

Tuition and Hourly Mandatory Fees

                                    Student LevelResident TuitionNon-Resident TuitionHourly Mandatory  FeesTotal
per credit hour
(1-11 hours)
per credit hour
(1-11 hours)

Mandatory Per Semester Fees

Fee DescriptionFall/Spring AmountSummer Amount
Health Fee$74.00$37.00
Cultural and Rec Srvcs Fee$12.50$6.25
Academic Advising Fee$40.00$20.00
International Student Fee$75.00$50.00

Hourly Fees Breakdown

Fee DescriptionAmount
Academic Excellence Fee (Regents) - Undergraduate$39.10
Connectivity Fee$17.50
Assessment Fee$1.25
Library Excellence Fee$12.50
Facility Fee$14.50
Activity Fee$5.95
Transit Fee$2.50
Special Event Fee$2.00
Security Services Fee$3.75
Academic Facility and Life Safety Fee - Undergraduate$32.50
Academic Facility and Life Safety Fee - Graduate$10.60
International Programs Fee - Undergraduate$0.50 
Records Fee$2.00 

Academic Excellence Fees (per credit hour)

Admit Year (new admits, re-admits, and change of status)Amount
Beginning Fall 2019$90.00
Beginning Fall 2018$90.00
Beginning Fall 2017$82.50

College Technology and Program Fees (per credit hour)

Students enrolling in courses in the following colleges will be charged the College Technology Services Fees and College Program Fees (per credit hour) listed below:

College  Program FeeTechnology FeeAmount
Arts & Science
Atmospheric & Geo Science
Earth & Energy
Fine Arts
International Studies
Journalism & Mass Communication 
University College

Miscellaneous Course Fees

Fee DescriptionAmount
Full-Time LLM Progam Fee$5,000.00 per Fall/Spring semester
Full-Time MAC Progam Fee$1,500.00 one time fee during first semester of program
Full-Time MBA Progam Fee$1,500.00 each of first Fall/Spring semesters of program
OKC Graduate Center Fee$100.00 per credit hour
Online Course Fee$40.00 per online credit hour
Chemistry Department Fee$6.50 per course
Late Registration Fee$20.00 for registration after first official day of classes

In addition, individual courses may have special fees associated.