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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What criteria are used to screen applicants?

Our graduate program has developed many high caliber industry experts and we look to continue to find students that will be excellent representatives of our program in the future. The CM applicant review committee evaluates everything that is submitted to determine admission. Past GPA or GRE scores do not always clearly identify if students will be successful. For this reason, past experience, letters of interest, and letters of recommendation heavily impact the admission decision. Many of our students bring past experience related to the construction industry such as engineering, architecture, interior design, planning, this knowledge adds very high value to class mates and classes.


What backgrounds are most suited for this degree?

Many backgrounds can be served by this degree. Currently we have approximately 33% architects, 33% engineers and 33% business and a mix of other degrees. We have approximately 50% international students and 50% U.S. citizens. We have approximately 50% women and 50% men. Many of our students work full or part time and adjust their work schedule to class time. We are extremely pleased with the diversity in our classes. We all enjoy the many perspectives that the balanced diversity brings to our discussions.


What are my chances for admittance into the program?

Admittance is competitive. We generally receive about 25-30 applications per admittance period and accept 10-15 applicants.


What is the application and acceptance process?

Go to the OU Graduate College website for application forms and all information. Follow the instructions.

You must be accepted by the Graduate College first. In your application you will declare Construction Management as your degree choice. After you are accepted into the Graduate College they will forward your application to the Construction Management Graduate Liaison. A review committee then reviews your application.


When should I submit my application?

The deadline for application is March 1. We only allow new students in the fall semester.


Will hours from another graduate program transfer?

Up to 3 hours of appropriate electives “can” be accepted for credit. The Graduate Liaison must approve all elective hours. Elective courses must relate to the design/build industry. Up to 3 hours of electives can be transferred from another university graduate program. The Graduate Liaison must approve all transferred electives prior to first semester enrollment.


Does your program provide online classes?

No, our program is designed to be collaborative with other students and faculty.


How long is the program?

The majority of our students finish the program in two years or four semester. However, some students are able to finish the program in a year and a half or three semesters if they are able to get an early start on their research project and enroll in classes full time. Some of our students depending on personal responsibilities take longer and complete the program in three years. Thirty two (32) credits are required for graduation. Typically students will enroll in 9 or 12 credits each semester which is either three to four classes.


What is the expected cost of attendance?

The cost of attending graduate school at the University of Oklahoma varies year to year based on economic factors that are out of our control. Interested students can calculate the current annual cost for attending school on the OU Tuition Estimator, you will be required to identify your residency status and credit hours. Typically students will enroll in 9 or 12 credits each semester. Be sure to identify the College of Architecture as there are additionally fees required by the college. The tuition estimator is located at:


What are the chances of getting financial support?


In 2016, Graduate students received over $25,000 dollars in scholarships. All grad students are able to submit for scholarships from October 1 to February 1 each year through the OU Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH) at Once a student applies through CASH their application is enrolled into several scholarships in which they are able to receive.

Teaching, Graduate and Research Assistantships TA/GA/RA

The department of Construction Science typically provides between 4-6 teaching, graduate, and research assistantships on an annual basis. Award is primarily based upon program and faculty need. Assistantships are very competitive and are typically granted depending on the fit, experience, and ability to do the required task of the student. Teaching and research potential is a major requirement for these positions.


What can I do with the degree?

The opportunities abound! We have our graduates that work for contractors, design firms, facility managers, municipalities and owners. We have people working in real estate development and job site project management. We have people administering construction contracts and managing facilities. Average salaries upon completion typically range between $55,000 and $65,000. Many of our students find jobs here in the state of Oklahoma, but we have graduates working in many states and countries.


Is this Construction Management program a STEM-recognized program?

Unfortunately, the CM M.S. degree is not a STEM-recognized program