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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Music: Organ

Students in performance are taught a wide range of skills including historical performance practice, improvisation, hymn-playing, transcription, figured-bass and theatre organ. The goal is to produce capable and versatile musicians who can meet the challenges of the modern world.

Bachelor of Musical Arts with a Secondary Emphasis in Organ Technology

Currently, the University of Oklahoma is the only educational institution in the United States to offer degree emphases in organ technology, available at the baccalaureate and master’s level. Although the program itself does not make a master pipe-organ builder out of any student, it gives the student the necessarily skills to be a valuable asset to any existing firm. 

Bachelor of Musical Arts with a Secondary Emphasis in Theatre Organ

The AOI also offers students the singular opportunity to undertake a secondary emphasis in theatre organ. This cultivates opportunities for insight as well as the preservation of a unique aspect of the United States’ rich musical heritage. It likewise opens the doors to musical techniques which have great relevance in today’s organ profession, where all musicians are called upon to be musically flexible as well as entrepreneurial in their visions of the organist's role in an ever-changing culture.

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Check out the OU School of Music's website for degree requirements, and program descriptions.

School of Music – Undergraduate Degrees