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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Students from all backgrounds study topics ranging from church music and classical music to theatre organ and organ technology at the American Organ Institute. Courses for each of these topics are included in every degree program, giving each student a well-rounded education in all aspects of American organ music. Undergraduate students are offered a broad range of repertoire and performance experiences to enhance their overall understanding of Western music.

Bachelor of Music

Organ Performance

Mini-mo pipes

Organ Technology

Organ tech student

Theatrical Organ

Theatre organ console

Other Study Opportunities

General Music with Organ as a Primary Instrument

Music majors who are concentrating on non-performance studies such as musicology, music education or composition may wish to add organ as a primary instrument. This provides organ instruction with fewer performance or repertoire demands.

Non-Music Majors, and Organ as a Secondary Instrument

Organ lessons are offered to those who are majoring in fields outside the School of Music. Lessons are offered to students at all skill levels.