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First Lutheran Church Reformation 500 Hymn Festival

First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls presents a Hymn Festival Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation With Dr. John Schwandt, Organist and Dr. Steven Paulson, Luther Scholar. The Festival is part of the Lankford Arts Series: The Art of Faith, and was recorded Sunday, October 29th, 2017

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Oklahoma, Hail!

Featuring David Anderson, Alvez Barkoskie IV, Christopher Ganza, Silviya Mateva, Adam Pajan, Nolan Reilly, Elliot Ringwald, Cristiano Rizzotto, Zachary Rygiel, and Andrew Schaeffer.

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Mildred Andrews

Plays ├ćolian-Skinner Opus 1173

First Presbyterian Church, Kilgore Texas; Works by L├╝beck, Piston, Krenek, and Sessions.

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The Sooner Tradition

Featuring Rachel Foster, Christopher Ganza, Julie Huang, Adam Pajan, Vicki Schaeffer, John Schwandt, and Craig Sproat.

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Holiday Pipes


The Holiday Pipes concert has become a highly-anticipated annual event at the University of Oklahoma where the audience is invited to submit the names of their favorite seasonal tunes in the moments before the concert. Dr. Schwandt chooses freely from the submissions and improvises on the spot. This CD presents live recordings of some favorite selections from past concerts for your enjoyment. 

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