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3/14 Möller Municipal Organ Opus 5819

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3/14 Möller Municipal Organ Opus 5819

Dr. Schwandt at Mini-Mo console

The 3/14 Möller, Opus 5819, affectionately known as "Mini-Mo," is a three-manual, 14-rank "sampling" of Möller Opus 5819's vast tonal resources. The organ utilizes original Opus 5819 windchests and pipes, plus the full complement of tuned and untuned percussion and even an upright player piano! The organ is thus able to perform both classical and theatrical repertoire very convincingly. The beautiful Mini-Mo console, donated to the University of Oklahoma by Kansas City Theatre Pipe Organ, Inc., formerly controlled the ballroom organ at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

The 3/14 Moller, Opus 5819 was installed in Sharp Concert Hall in 2009 to serve the School of Music and the AOI during the restoration of the remainder of Opus 5819 and the reconstruction of the west side of Sharp Concert Hall. It was the first restoration project completed by the AOI Organ Shop and furthered understanding of what the complete Opus 5819 (referred to as "Maxi-Mo") would sound like when installed. In the meantime, Mini-Mo serves as a concert instrument and accompanies choirs, instrumental ensembles and silent films. Its success is a testament to the quality of Opus 5819 and the ability of our professionals and students to perform organ restoration at an accomplished and professional level.