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Awaiting Restoration

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Awaiting Restoration

3/14 Balaban II Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ

The 3/14 Balaban II Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ was originally housed in the Colfax Theater in South Bend, Indiana. In 1963, Guenther H. Hille of Canfield, Ohio bought and restored it to its 1929 factory state. When Guenther passed away his family donated the organ to the American Organ Institute.

2/6 Robert Morton

This 2/6 Robert Morton was donated to the American Organ Institute by internationally acclaimed organist and technician Clark Wilson. Built in 1928-1929, the instrument was first installed in the Bluebird Theatre in New York. It resided in the Van Camp family mansion in Los Angeles before being removed in the 1990s.