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Dr. Damin Spritzer and Dr. Adam Pajan with organ students at console.

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The American Organ Institute

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American Theatre Organ Journal

Thanks to your generous donations, we raised over $9,000 in our month-long Thousands Strong campaign to Help OU Students Preserve the History of American Organs – that's nearly double our original goal of $5,000!

These funds will support the first phase of our project to digitize The American Theatre Organ Journal – a more than 60-year-old publication, filled with historical significance for American organs, music, culture, and silent film. 

Archives & Library: A New Collaborative Database

ARC: Archival Research Collections at the University of Oklahoma

We're excited to announce our participation as a founding member of ARC: Archival Research Collections at the University of Oklahoma. This new online database of archival inventories will better serve our researchers and provide limitless opportunities for cross-referencing between collections all over the OU campus.

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Director John Schwandt teaching children at Fisk console

Your support allows us to continue in our efforts to provide the most well-rounded study of pipe organ performance, construction, and restoration that this nation has to offer. Join us today!