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OU Ring

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Those who have acquired 75 credit hours are eligible to purchase their OU Ring. 

Jostens will be visiting campus next during the first few weeks of the fall semester. Check back here when time gets closer for specific dates, times and locations. 



Each year during homecoming week, students and alumni who have ordered their rings are honored at the annual OU Ring Ceremony. Participants and their guests are invited to take part in the symbolic ceremony and a celebratory reception that follows. The president of the university, the hononary ring recipient and the OU Alumni Association are all present to congratulate each recipient.  



The OU Ring tells a story, a story of people, place and possibility. Our ring is a symbol of the great women and men, the great people with vision and dreams, students, faculty and staff, making meaning through the investment of their lives in the next generation and all the generations that follow.



The traditional border of the university seal circles the ring top reminding everyone that while we are a diverse campus community, we are all included and valued as members of the OU family. Both our state and our university are strongly influenced by our Native American heritage. The interlocking OU, at the center of the ring, is probably the most universal and most recognizable symbol of the university. The ring is made of gold. As a precious metal, gold symbolizes the value of an OU education. The educational experience and the friendships developed both in and outside the classrooms are precious indeed. The arches on each side of the ring are the most common symbol of the Cherokee Gothic architectural style that is apparent throughout most campus structures. Likewise, arches, built as senior class gifts over the years, provide both the symbolic and actual welcome and gateway at every major entrance to our campus.


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