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Shape the Future Sooner

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Class of 2019, leave your legacy!

The Student Alumni Association and Senior Class Gift Committee did the research. You voted to identify the worth projects. Now, it's time to choose. Which project will you impact? As a member of the Class of 2019, it is time for us to leave our legacy on OU's campus. 

Join us and let's Shape the Future Sooner!





Did you know 44% of students cut the size of their meals or skip meals because they don't have enough money? Help the OU Food Pantry continue its contribution to the overall health and wellness of the OU campus community. 



In the past two years, Sooners Helping Sooners has given over $38,000 in grant funding to OU students! Give to Sooners Helping Sooners to allow them to continue the mission they began in 2011.



1 in 10 US undergraduates study abroad before graduating! Can you guess the most popular fields of study for study abroad students? Answer: STEM fields, Business, Social Sciences, Foreign Language & International Studies, Fine & Applied Arts. Assist students in need to allow them this incredible experience! 


For a limited time, 2019 graduates receive a 50% off discount on your Alumni Life Membership with your special code! Join the ranks of Sooners who are dedicated to maintaining Sooner Excellence. 


Thank you to our donors who have demonstrated their impact! 

Siandhara Bonnet

Clay Bradshaw 

Madison Ong

Conner Meacham

Madison Heath

Dalton Black

Ashley Duncan

Tyler Beckum

Ashley Taylor

Abel Rivera

Katie Kramer

Faith Wolfard

Mark Hammond Sr. 

Cameron Johnson

Aaron Kruger

Kevin Duong

Paige Townley

Caitlin Montgomery

Rabail Sohail

Madeline Fillip

Nicolette Economides

Sylviav Vaughan

Omaima El Boudi

Courtney Chambers

Jayden Lasley

Michelle Gutierrez

James Hockaday

Steven Jazdyk

Sarah Stagg

Sun Woo Lee

Logan Roys

Catherine Brown

Dylan Gregory 

Chris Heigle

Prashant Patel

Joleen Scott

Asglynn Hardison 

Jennifer Turner

Derrick Stark

Jasmine Mohammadi

Bobby Monaco 

Meghan McCollum

Jessica Roberts

JJ Brown

Eunice Ogungbuyi

Kendall Berdinsky

Brandon Hunkin

Jeffrey Switzer

Kelsey Rice

Helga Madland

Nikki Huggins

Mackenzie Marchand

Carter Vann

Melissa Maisano

Lauren Faircloth

Lea Morisato 

Greyson Bromber 

Sierra Levy

Emily Poynter

Caroline Boyd

Andrew Aston

Tyler Paul

Maniya Allen

Sydney King

Robert Nelson

Abigail Newhouse

Rachael Winkles

Alexandria Arndorfer

Elizabeth Penn

Sophia Phillips

Jessica Lensman

Katherine Tisdale

Mary LaPorte

Gabriela Garcia

Alaina Michel

Lindsay Goodwin

Angela Abbott

Cristel Allen

Brooke Lagrone

Wynne Clark

Angela Parker-Celestine

Dalton Cordell

Emily Alinger

Jordan Catlett

Lane Folds

Phoebe Thorborg

Connor Preston

Terri Woodcock

Seth Bryant

Petra Flenory

Megan Harju

Tyler Goss

Alexandra Williams 

Evangelinn Rock 

Monica Fray

Julianne Annesley

Richard Atkins

Idinma Ilodibe

Timothy Ortez

Riley Baird