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Transfer Equivalencies

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Transfer Equivalencies

To help in your educational planning, the Office of Academic Records developed a searchable transfer course database. This will help you select courses that will transfer and apply toward an OU degree.*

Understanding your results

Connector column: Use of the word “AND” signifies a course has more than one OU equivalent. For example:

Transfer CourseTransfer Hours
Transfer Level
Connector OU Course
OU Credits
BIOL 1314A Hum Anat/Physiol I
4Lower Division BIOL 2124 Human Physiology2
BIOL 1314A Hum Anat/Physiol I
4Lower DivisionAND BIOL 2255 Human Anatomy2

Use of the word “OR” signifies a course that has either one OU equivalent or another. For example:

Transfer CourseTransfer Hours
Transfer Level
ConnectorOU Course
OU Credits
BIO 1113 Gen. Biology
3 Lower Division BIOL 1005 Concepts in Biology
BIO 1113 Gen. Biology
3 Lower DivisionOR BIOL 1999

*Course equivalencies may change without notice. This database contains the historical course equivalencies for other institutions. Please check the specific institution’s course catalog for the current course number and title.

Will it transfer?

Courses that have an OU equivalent course number of 1999 (lower-division) or 3999 (upper-division) will transfer to the University and often can be applied toward a degree. In some cases, they may substitute for required courses; in others, they may transfer as elective credit. In some instances, these courses have been approved for general education credit, which is indicated in the “Gen. Ed.” column in search results. Many majors require specific courses in the general education core areas. Please refer to the OU degree checksheet for major-specific requirements. How each course will apply toward an OU degree will be determined by the degree-recommending college within the University. Additionally, courses that carry fewer semester hours than their OU counterpart will generally substitute for the indicated OU courses, but students must make up the difference in credit hours before graduation.

If a lower-division course is equivalent to an upper-division OU course, it will substitute for the specified course. However, additional upper-division hours may be required for graduation.

Transfer courses with letters after the course number have multiple titles with varying equivalencies. To ensure the correct equivalent, check for corresponding course titles.

After admission

Once you have been admitted to OU, the Office of Academic Records does a complete evaluation of your transfer credit. If you are admitted with a semester in progress, you will need to provide the Office of Admissions & Recruitment with an official transcript showing your final courses and grades, and they will be added to your transfer credit evaluation. You will be assigned an academic advisor who will work with you to determine how your transfer work will apply toward your OU degree and assist you in planning a schedule of classes for your first semester at OU.

Need help?

If you have any questions or a course is not listed for your institution, contact the Office of Academic Records at (405) 325-5952 or

If you are an applicant interested in transferring to one of the undergraduate programs at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) in Oklahoma City, please contact the OUHSC Office of Admissions and Records at 405-271-2359.

Transfer of prior learning assessment/advanced standing credit

Advanced standing credit posted on transcripts from institutions in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education will transfer to the University subject to the same conditions as resident credit from these campuses.

Advanced standing credit posted on transcripts from all other institutions will be accepted by the University as long as the credit was earned through one of the advanced standing mechanisms mentioned in this brochure. The dean of the college in which a student will earn a degree will determine how this credit applies toward the degree.

Current OU students taking classes at other schools

While the class is in progress, submit a class schedule from the other institution to the OU Office of Admissions so the class will be recognized for OU enrollment.

University of Oklahoma
Office of Admissions & Recruitment
1000 Asp Ave, Room 127
Norman OK  73019-4076

Once the class is completed, submit an official transcript showing the final grade to the OU Office of Admissions & Recruitment so the credit can be incorporated into your OU transfer record.